My poor Taylor is having a hard time.

Share advice for keeping your aging dog happy and healthy

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Barked: Mon Oct 17, '11 9:26pm PST 
Taylor was just diagnosed with canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome, and degenerative myelopathy. He will be turning 14 soon.

Our vet said that there is a medication that we could put him called Anipryl that could slow down the progression of the CCD, but in his expierence hasn't seen it do much for other dogs, and he also said there is nothing you can do for Degenerative Myelopathy.

I guess the point of this post is to ask anyone if they have had expierence with either of these disorders, and if they had what they did for their dog.

I really wish this wasn't happening we just lost our other dog Bart to bone cancer 7 months ago. But we have to look at his quality of life, since there isn't many treatment options and he is showing quite a bit of syptoms.

CCD: Aggression to both humans and dog companions, getting lost, confusion, not recognizing us, weird sleep schedule, forgetting housetraining.

DM: falling a lot, less control of bowels, having a hard time getting up, gaining weight due to not being able to go for many walks. Has occasional "epsiodes" where when he wakes up he can't walk for hours.

He looks at me like I'm crazy when I try to help him outside he literally does not remember what he is supposed to be doing out there, he just stands there looking at me confused it's so sad.

Barked: Tue Oct 18, '11 5:56am PST 
I am so sorry to hear about Taylor. Here is a website that I found and I hope you find it helpful.hughug

http://www.gcci.org/ciah/articles/degenerative.htm l
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Please let Taylor know that we are praying for him and sending all of the love we can with all of our mighthughughughughughughughug


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Barked: Wed Oct 19, '11 5:23am PST 
Hi Taylor...I'm sorry you are getting hit with this right now. I don't know much about these two diseases. From what I can tell though, with canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome, the drug you mentioned has seemed to be helpful and I don't think it would hurt to try.

It's not easy for us or our families as we get older. Looking at our quality of life and protecting us so we don't suffer is one of the greatest gifts our humans can give us. I do hope there are options for you.

I'm sending good thoughts and prayers for you...


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Barked: Wed Oct 19, '11 9:35am PST 
misty was diagnosed almost five months ago.
we found out because in my eyes misty was getting lost in her mind and she got agressive also.
i also came in the senior forum asking for help and some woofers told me about the disease.
and it was because of this i started the old woof club,where i try to place answers for canine senior issues...
i went to my vet and he did an mri where he could see the signs of the disease ...
misty will turn 13 in november and the vet told me about the medication options for her.
at that time i decited,due to her age,i would look and see how it would go before using meds..
but she got sick some weeks ago...
she started to get very agressive and very lost and she would only sleep.
so i use the same meds now,that you speak of...
she is a bit better.
she stopt biting and she doesn't sleep all day any more.
but the vet says she will not get better and that it will be a disease that will only get worse...
my opinion is that the meds are ok...but i accept that in time i will have to make some tough dicisions....
but i made the right choice giving her those medications,because it gave me some hope that i can keep her with me for a little more longer....


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Barked: Wed Oct 19, '11 6:11pm PST 
Taylor and Family:
hughughughughughughughughughughughughughughug to all of you. I don't know much about the diseases you mentioned but enjoy every moment you can to it's fullest and it certainly wouldn't hurt to try the meds. The worst that can happen is you won't see any or only minimal improvement. Will be praying for all of you.

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Barked: Fri Oct 21, '11 6:28pm PST 
Any update on Taylor??

Barked: Fri Oct 21, '11 11:55pm PST 
Thank you to everyone for your prayers and well wishes, it really does help. We are starting him on the Anipryl next week, the vet also recommend a special food by science diet called b/d canine aging and alertness. But I think were going to stick with our Canidae mixed with canned food for right now.

His cognitive health seems to be pretty much the same.He is blind, along with the canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome, and degenerative myelopathy. All those three things combined are making it extremely hard for him. He has urinary incontinence and now as of late bowel incontinence he has accidents in his sleep. Were just taking it day by day.He is still enjoying his daily walks around the block, even though he wants to go longer but he falls and slips if we go longer than that.We were looking into getting him a cart/wheelchair but the vet doesn't think he would be a good candidate for it because of his mental state. Winter is coming soon and I am dreading it, we live in Minnesota and we get a lot of snow and ice.

Every once in awhile I see a glimpse of the old Taylor and It makes me cry thinking about it, he just wants to be loved and brushed and he still loves his food. But his body and mind are failing him. I just love this dog will all my heart and I just want him to be okay. He has been through so much before I got him he was shot, burned with cigarettes, abused so severely that it took him years to get out of his shell and when he did he was like a puppy again. I'm just watching him slowly slip through my fingers each day and it's like going through the same thing we did with Bart when he was diagnosed with bone cancer last October and passed away January 19th of this year.

But I'm trying to stay positive. Sorry for the long post I am new to Dogster and just have had a hard day with Taylor and needed to vent. I almost forgot to ask. Does anyone know of any company that sells diapers for urinary incontinence and bowel incontinence for a dog with a 31-32 inch waist? He really needs one and we've tried EVERYTHING and nothing works. Please continue praying for my boy, he needs all the prayers he can get. I will give him a special hug from each one of you. Thanks so much for all of your support.
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