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Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Sat Oct 8, '11 7:05am PST 
Ok, I'm not really getting younger, but I have more freedom to go on longer hikes and outings than I used to back when the Sankster was in his prime.

I find myself more often than not leaving Sanka at home while Kato and I go out for a long trek. I feel so bad doing it, but ...Sanka just can't do it.

Well, he could, just at a snails pace and after about 1500 breaks...taking a 2 hours hike and turning it into a 5 hour hike.

I knew this would happen. It's a big reason why I got Kato...so I could have that hiking buddy to accompany me on these long hikes. But man, it really weighs on my mind.

I have to fill a kong, place it in a direction facing away from the door, then either sneak away or bolt like heck for the door so Sanka doesn't notice me leaving without him. It just feels...mean? I don't know.

And when he does notice...those barks of betrayal really hurt. Like "how could you! Take me too!"

Ok, ok...that's humanizing a bit much but I can't help it.

Is anybody else going through the same thing? Older dog and a younger dog?

What do you do with your older dog? I'll still take Sanka on hikes with me. He's not totally shut out. But there are days where my hikes are longer...so he doesn't get to go out.

His legs still work. He's got all the ambition in the world to trek for miles and miles. But he just tires quickly. I did overdo it with him once. He'll just keep trekking. As long as their is unexplored land in front of him, he'll keep going. But he totally suffered after I overdid it with him. Walking with a limp. His brain was happy...his legs, not so much.

Ugh..ok. I'm going to stop talking now.laugh out loud
(retired)min- ister misty

be calm, dont- worry!
Barked: Sat Oct 8, '11 10:17am PST 
yep,with misty
when she was young,we were wery active
we would spent hours a day hiking and walking.
but three months ago,she was diagnosed with dog dementia and three weeks ago she was very sick.
she just can't take long walks anymore.
and her sibling,a rat terrier really needs to get energy out
so i know the feelong of guilt...
she will look at me when i go out with lotus and when i come home she will give me a very dirty look.
like you left me here you mean mommy
but it is for her best interrest..
i keep that in my mind.shrug
Wellington- 4/14/01 - 2/18/13

No I'm NOT a- Saint Bernard.
Barked: Sat Oct 8, '11 7:38pm PST 
We have something of the same thing with Wellie & Chloe. Chloe thinks a walk means you put your head down and WALK! While Wellie has slowed to a "mosey" with a stop to smell every six inches. May I make the suggestion of taking Sanka for a short walk (without Kato) FIRST. Maybe a quick trip to a nearby park or trail. Spend some quality time with just the two of you and really tire the boy out. As soon as you get home and he settles for a rest, it's Kato's turn. I bet it will then be easier to leave with Kato (for both Sanka AND you).

Good luck with whatever you try. dog walk


dog-sitter in- charge.
Barked: Sat Oct 8, '11 10:38pm PST 
Yeah.......... mostly we leave Lantis at home on any outings nowadays. He's almost 14 and has bad hips, and arthritis. We can hardly go around the block without him lagging way behind anymore. It hurts when I load up the other dogs in the car to go somewhere without him because he comes up to the door and stares and sometimes as I close the door he barks... I usually take him out round the block, then give him something nice to chew on before I make a break for it. He never misses seeing us leaving, so it still sucks though. frown
Henry Miller

He's a tramp,- but they love- him!
Barked: Sun Oct 9, '11 5:44am PST 
When I was fostering Annie, I took her on lots of solo walks. She was just a much faster walker than Henry and had more energy to get out. Walking them together was tough, I'd often end up standing like a scarecrow with Henry sniffing behind me and Annie ready to go, go, go. So I would take them for a shorter walk together, drop Henry off at home, and then take Annie for a long walk. First couple of times I felt guilty, but I got over it. Henry got lots of attention in other ways--snuggles and tug inside.
Bella and- Daisy CGC

I'm a Meanie
Barked: Sun Oct 9, '11 5:51am PST 
I have a similar problem. Due to Bella's anxiety I take Daisy places I know Bella would never survive without a breakdown.

I just make sure to have some special time with her too. She does hate to be left but there is no sneaking out on her. I also make huge fuss over her when I come home and Daisy and I have been out together-but she likes that. If Sanka does, then you could do that too.

Ain't nothing- but a hound dog.
Barked: Sun Oct 9, '11 5:43pm PST 
I know kc is older (8 in december!) but she is a master. She goes off like a firecracker when we let her in the garage and dont get me started on walks... But she cant do as long a walk but if you go for a HIKE I wouldnt know. We live in a flat place. No mountains. No hike trails. Nothing. Zip.

When the night- closes in I will- be there
Barked: Sun Oct 9, '11 5:46pm PST 
I have the same problem with Sabs and Shadow. Sabi struggles to make it more then a few blocks anymore and Shadow needs miles. I do the same thing I toss a handful of carrots in the living room and then me and Shadow sneak out the kitchen door. Those why can't I come barks break my heart. I think it is tough for Sabs more because for most of her life she went everywhere with me, including to work.
When Shadow was smaller I would take both girls out and do a short walk and then drop Sabi at home and carry on with Shadow. I can't do that anymore because Shadow bounces on Sabs and hurts her.
I wish I could come up with a better plan. I totally understand where you are coming from Sanka. I feel like pond scum everytime I do it.

Maggie aka "the- nibbler"
Barked: Sun Oct 9, '11 10:36pm PST 
I agree with Wellington. I know it's hard and I've been in this situation many, many times.

I think you should take Sanka for a mini hike just you and him for some one-on-one time. Let him sniff and mosey. Maybe take him to the pet store by himself for a walk around.

It's hard for seniors and it's equally hard for the owner. It's a matter of finding the right balance where everybody's getting what they need.

Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Mon Oct 10, '11 6:30am PST 
It's hard to take Sanka for 1 on 1 time. Kato has a smidge of separation anxiety if I leave with just Sanka. Kato will bark, cry and even dig out. Unlike Sanka, I can't distract Kato with anything.

1 on 1 time really doesn't seem to be an issue with Sanka. So long as he gets a walk, he's content. He's very independent, so he couldn't care less who took him out or with what dog. He's in his own little world when he's out and about.

I may be able to do short walks with Sanka first now. It was hard doing that in the summer because there is no shade on the walk around the neighborhood. It's funny that I had to actually drive somewhere in order to find a place to walk in shade. It doesn't have to be super hot for Sanka to get overheated either. He's black in color and very stocky. Any sun beating on him while he walks will be enough to do him in.

No way can he go to pet stores though. He has "pooping issues". Excitement walks interesting smells makes him poop...several times. You can't pick that up either.

It's just frustrating at times. Because he has to be on leash, I have to go out his speed. He's very deceptive though. He'll be walking like he's not going to make it and then all of a sudden have a surge of energy and take off.laugh out loud

Thanks for the support and advice all. Sometimes this really gets me down.

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