Diarrhea with blood

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One super tough- Schnauzer
Barked: Wed Sep 21, '11 10:25am PST 
He ingested table food and had vomiting & diarrhea after 24 hours without food I put him on boiled chicken & rice He did well.I slowly introduced to his regular dog food. He did okay for a week now he has the same symptoms with the addition of blood in his dtool. I have withheld food for 12 hours. I am currently unemployed I can not afford to take him to the vet. He still has spunk and is playful but not as much. What can I do?

As long as they- think they're- the boss
Barked: Wed Sep 21, '11 12:44pm PST 
Could you talk to your regular vet and try to work something out or even ask for a referral to a low cost or income based clinic? I understand your financial situation as far as paying a whole vet bill being far too expensive for you but your dog really does need to see a vet vomiting and bloody diarrhea are serious symptoms and can cause even more severe problems including death if not looked into. We have our paws crossed for both you and your pet and our thoughts and prayers are with you as well. Please work hard on finding a way to get care for your dog.

I just want to- relax
Barked: Wed Sep 21, '11 4:47pm PST 
Like Mika said..I would really try and find a way to get your pup to the vet. Many things can cause blood in stool..is is bright red blood (lower intestinal) or black tarry looking(upper intestinal)??


Marlon the- Wonder Mutt
Barked: Wed Sep 21, '11 8:18pm PST 
I suggest asking your regular vet to a referral to a low cost clinic. I understand your situation, but your dog needs veterinary care! I sure wish the best for you. Please do whatever you can to get your dog the medical care it needs.

Marlon, Leanne, and Roosevelt

My head is too- heavy!
Barked: Wed Sep 21, '11 9:39pm PST 
I don't know where you live, but look up on the internet for your local schnauzer or toy dog club/rescue - they might have funds or a deal with a vet to get you some discount treatment. There's no harm in asking!

Don't Look Down- Your Nose at Me
Barked: Wed Sep 21, '11 11:10pm PST 
You need to find a way to get your dog to the vet! There are many different things that could cause bloody diarrhea.
♠- Mickey- ♠

One by one The- squirrels steal- my sanity

Barked: Thu Sep 22, '11 3:28pm PST 
First, go back to the chicken and rice or even cottage cheese and rice. That was working.

Is there any way someone could have slipped him a scrap? Mickey is super sensitive to people food and his hind end tattle tales on his daddy when he gets people food.

Bloody diarrhea can be cause by stress, too.

As others have said, do you best to get him to a vet as soon as you can. hug

Giant Shih Tzu
Barked: Fri Sep 23, '11 9:03am PST 
He needs to see a vet and have some tests done, but Gunther has had bloody stool just from eating a regular old pork hotdog. He's extremely sensitive. Once the hotdog passed, so did the bloody stool. When this happens I choose to feed my dog chicken broth only for 1 to 3 days. It's very soothing to the system, very anti-inflammatory. I think if a dog is having severe intestinal upset, the last thing they need is to be digesting more food.

Barked: Fri Sep 23, '11 10:32am PST 
I'm curious as to what kind of table scraps Pepper ingested? Is this the first time you noticed blood in his stool or have you seen it before?


As long as they- think they're- the boss
Barked: Fri Sep 23, '11 10:51am PST 
No disrespect intended but I really feel diagnosing blood in stool is best left to a vet. The OP's dog was sick before,special diet was tried,dog got slightly better and is now sick again with the addition of blood in stools. It could be anything from,stress,something he ate,parasites including hook worms which left untreated will kill a dog,to parvo. He really needs treatment or at least a proper diagnosis , The OP in this case really needs advice from someone in their area about how or where to find a way to get the dog care,such as agrement with vet,low cost or income -based clinic.
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