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Head of Ranch- Security
Barked: Fri Aug 12, '11 7:41am PST 
So Ginger is 12 years old and she's getting to the point where she can't hold her bladder as long. It's not a big deal during the day she is let out several times to pee. She has to be let out before bed at night or she will pee on the floor. We have been pretty good about letting her out right before bed but last night we forgot and low and behold she peed. I know management is a big thing here we have to let her out right before bed but is there anything else I can do or something preferably natural that I can give her. It's just sometimes being human you forget sometimes, especially since Ginger decides to go to bed early every night so you have to go get her wake her up and be like come on let's go outside. I was just wondering if there is anything I can do.
(retired)min- ister misty

be calm, dont- worry!
Barked: Wed Aug 17, '11 2:46am PST 
a pee pad in her dogbed and or on a spot where she likes to pee
maybe you can train her to at least pee on the pee pad when she does it
i works with misty....shrug

Tough Guy
Barked: Fri Sep 16, '11 2:16pm PST 
I am having a similar issue with my foster dog jack. He is a 14 year old Italian Greyhound and will go outside when we let him out but he will pee in his crate overnight even though I wake up in the middle of the night to let him out. I restrict his water intake through out the day and before bed especially.

He doesn't give any indicator that he is going to go either. Sometimes he will just be following me around and then stops, squats, and pees. There has been times that I catch him mid squat and try to rush him outside but he will pee anyways.

I'd also love to hear any suggestions people have.

Sachi- (1997-2012)

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Barked: Fri Sep 30, '11 7:44pm PST 
Take a look at this post. Maybe you will want to use one of these diaper type clothes.
Shadow RIP- Sweet Girl

Barked: Fri Nov 4, '11 3:25pm PST 
We use a dog diaper for her at night, and she also gets Proin for her incotinence.

Work? What's- that?
Barked: Fri Nov 4, '11 5:19pm PST 
I second the suggestion of a "pee pad." They make large absorbent "squares" of sorts that you can just put in her bedding at night to absorb any leakage. Since it's not a problem during the day with your management techniques, and she stays in one place at night, there's no reason to confine her to a diaper every night unless it comes to that. Either way it's a lot of cleaning. I'd opt for the pee pads and doing more laundry so you don't risk her getting UTIs with the diaper.

Lots of people have reported success with Proin, too. Personally incontinence meds make me a bit nervous and I would be hesitant to try them, if I'd be willing to at all. But, if that is for you, that is also an option you could try.

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Sanka- I'll Miss- You

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Barked: Fri Nov 4, '11 5:39pm PST 
My friend ended up having to use diapers. Pee pads just shifted around.

Work? What's- that?
Barked: Fri Nov 4, '11 5:46pm PST 
My friend ended up having to use diapers. Pee pads just shifted around.

Ah, didn't think about that. I suppose some dogs just like people shift around in their sleep a lot so that would happen.

45 Mile Per Hour- Couch Potato
Barked: Thu Dec 8, '11 5:44pm PST 
I have friends who have used belly bands for their dogs that were having problems not being able to hold it for long periods of times. They really work and you can wash them and they are very comfortable for male and female dogs. Here is a link to one of the sights

Barked: Thu Feb 23, '12 1:54pm PST 
I agree with Sachi that a diaper may be the way to go. Here is another link from a company that has helped me immensely with my senior dog. They've given me incredible advice and a couple of products that are helping me deal with my aging lab/irish setter. Here is the link to their diaper section:

https://seniorpetsupplies.com/simple-solution-disposable-dog-dia pers.html

I hope this helps!
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