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Toboe (Toby)

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Not sure if this would go better in this forum or in the adoptions forum, but this forum seems more frequented!

I volunteer for a small cat rescue that got an e-mail a few months ago from a family that lost their jobs, home, and car. They had three cats and a senior dog that they had to find homes for immediately. We have found homes for all of the cats, but not for the dog! She is a 12 year old Shepherd/Terrier mix and is very healthy, but no one wants an old dog!!

This is a small cat rescue that normally only deals with cats, and we have had no inquiries on this poor girl at all. We just aren't sure what to do!

So for you senior dog owers, have any of you adopted a senior dog? If so, what sorts of things got you interested in your senior dog and where did you adopt him/her from?
Or, have any of you worked with rescues that have successfully adopted out a senior dog? If so, what did you do to get more people interested?
And for those of you that have done neither, what do you see good dog rescue groups in your area doing to get senior dogs adopted?

Any tips from anyone would be greatly appreciated! We have tried everything we can think of, and so far we have nothing to show for it. We list her on Petfinder etc, but just need something more... something a little different and special to make her appealing to potential adopters puppy
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maybe this is an idea


they take in seniors and find decent homes for themhi5

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I have adopted senior dogs before and the longest any of them lived was almost 2 yrs. I think you just have to find the right person looking for a senior dog. In the past I only wanted seniors but after the loss of our last dog and the toll it took on my daughter..we went with a younger one this past time.rnrnSenior dogs take more time to find homes for but sometimes cross posting with breed specific rescues help. People who love a certain breed but are looking for an older one are more likely to visit a specific breed rescue.

Gracie (RIP)

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I adopted a 12 year old dog. I took her in to prevent her being brought back to the shelter (she was being re-homed on craigslist and about to be brought back...no one else was interested, especially since she was deaf and needed medical care). I quickly fell in love and decided to keep her permanently (I was pretty much planning to but was prepared to find her a good home if she didn't work out with my current dog).rnrnI have a soft spot for Cockers and a soft spot for senior dogs laugh out loud. I would definitely adopt another senior in the future. I think highlighting the positives of adopting a senior dog could be helpful. For example, they're usually trained already, won't chew up stuff, are calm inside, don't need as much exercise, etc. But really, it's a small group of people who are interested in seniors and you mostly have to hope one of them comes across your rescue frown.rnrnGood luck!
Toboe (Toby)

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Late reply (Sorry, been busy!) but thank you guys! And Thanks for that website, Misty!! They aren't taking dogs from other rescues, but they have a nice list of highlights on the up-sides of adopting a senior dog that I can post with any listings of her. puppy
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I adopted Daisy a few months ago. Daisy is a Senior and was at a local high kill shelter. In addition to being a senior, she was heart worm positive which was pretty much going to be a death sentence for her. One of the staff posted her pic on Facebook asking if anyone would adopt her. It was most likely that no one was going to adopt a senior heart worm positive dog and although I wasn't planning to adopt another dog at the time something about her picture made me want her. She received heart worm treatments and is now heart worm negative. She has severe arthritis but is receiving treatments for that. She is doing great and I am so glad I got her. She is such a pleasure. After this experience with her, I will continue to adopt senior dogs in the future. She was already housebroken, is not destructive, doesn't require a lot of exercise and is calm. She enjoys running in the backyard but also enjoys laying on the sofa and watching tv with me. Many positives in adopting a senior.

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