Bed wetting?

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Riley (CGC,- FMX, TFE3)

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Barked: Fri Jul 8, '11 12:16pm PST 
Riley just turned 10 a week ago. She's in great shape for her age, with the exception of what i think is bed wetting that occasionally happens. She's housebroken of course, and i can probably count the number of accidents she's had in her life on the fingers of one hand. But every now and again, when sleeping on my bed, i will wake up and she will literally be sleeping in a wet circle of her 'accident'. She seems to sleep through it, and when i wake her up she's groggy from sleep and is pretty much laying in the same spot she fell asleep in. makes me think it happening in her sleep and i feel bad for her.

Anyone else have their senior dog occasionally have this? Im going to try limiting water at a certain time of night and see if it helps, but its so intermittant(maybe once every few months), that im wondering what else it could be.
Shadow- *CGC*CL2*CL3- *

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Barked: Fri Jul 8, '11 5:42pm PST 
I work at a vet clinic and this is a common complaint with senior female dogs. There are several products that tend to help with the bed wetting. One is DES which is a hormone supplement the other is Proin which is used for incontinence. Have you talked to your vet about this problem?
Riley (CGC,- FMX, TFE3)

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Barked: Sat Jul 9, '11 10:18am PST 
Thanks for the response, what you said makes sence. i havent spoken with my vet on it yet, it was so sparse in occurance before that honestly i didnt think about it. Like i said, shes very healthy otherwise. I'll give my vet a ring.

(retired)min- ister misty

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Barked: Mon Jul 11, '11 7:10am PST 
Older dogs are especially vulnerable to health problems, including incontinence.

Read more at: http://www.vetinfo.com/incontinence-older-dogs.html

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Riley (CGC,- FMX, TFE3)

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Barked: Mon Jul 11, '11 9:44am PST 
Wow! Thanks for all the info Minister-Misty! way to go
(retired)min- ister misty

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Barked: Thu Jul 14, '11 3:22am PST 
hughughughughughugway to go
Bernadette- 02/05/04 - 09/25/08

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Barked: Thu Jul 14, '11 12:02pm PST 
I had that, and I never got to be a senior. It happened when I totally relaxed.

Mom got me a booty tuck (I had a "hooded vulva") and I was on PPA (Proin) for much of my short life.

It worked GREAT! way to go

Other than that, it was a piddle pad under where I slept.
Keiko- (1994-2010)

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Barked: Sat Jul 16, '11 3:35am PST 
The same thing happened to Keiko in her senior years. She would pee in her sleep. The vet put her on DES and we didn't have that problem anymore.

However, when she got to be about 14 she started having accidents in the house because she couldn't hold it for as long as she used to. (Sachi has that same issue now that she is an oldie.) It's unrelated to the peeing during sleep. I wish I had known about the Pee Keeper back then. It would have been so helpful with Keiko.

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Barked: Sat Jul 16, '11 8:08am PST 
Summer is incontinent at times while sleeping. She just leaks a little, or a lot, it depends. The one thing I read that has been very helpful, is to eliminate grains altogether. For some reason, grains aggravate the problem. I have a link somewhere that I will dig up and send you.

Summer is raw fed, but we gave her treats with grains. When I changed to grain free treats, it almost stopped the inconinence. Try a grain free food and grain free treats, see how it goes. Summer has good days and bad days. On her bad days she wears her pee-keeper all the time in the house.

Good luck!
Wylie the- Wonder Dog - RIP

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Barked: Wed Jul 20, '11 5:26pm PST 
Wylie would leak any time she feel asleep. Because she was on other medication, she was not a candidate for medication for the problem. When she laid down for her naps or for the night, I tucked a piddle pan under her hips. Not a perfect solution to the problem, but it largely did the trick for the few months it was an issue.