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Spyke-rest peacefully my love

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Barked: Tue May 31, '11 8:54pm PST 
Spike is being aggressive. It has just started this week. He isn't aggressive towards the people he knows, but a neighbors little daughter came over, and he didn't really like her touching him. We went to the dog park the other day, and he started a fight. He has never done this before...help?
Sachi- (1997-2012)

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Barked: Sat Jun 4, '11 6:38pm PST 
You should post in the behavior and training section. You could mention that you feel age might have to do with it. I wouldn't call Spike a senior though...
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Barked: Mon Jun 6, '11 1:20am PST 
i did post a prayer request in my prayer group


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Barked: Mon Jun 6, '11 1:32pm PST 
6 years for a little dog like that is definitely not a senior.

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Barked: Mon Jun 6, '11 4:48pm PST 
Rule out medical. He may have a problem that is causing him pain. Being in pain can make anyone unfriendly.
Amazing- Grace

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Barked: Tue Jun 7, '11 12:14pm PST 
I think ruling out a health issue first is good advice. Two Springer's at my house over the years have had ear infections that changed their normal nature. Both started biting people.
Samwise (RB- 7-21-2012)

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Barked: Wed Jun 8, '11 2:00pm PST 
I agree with Fritz and Amazing Grace. The only time I ever get snippy with my mommy is if I happen to get one or those nasty ole hot-spots. My mommy takes me to the vet and they fix me up just right but until they help me, I'm a bit cranky. Otherwise, I'm super friendly to everyone!

Barked: Thu Jun 9, '11 10:58am PST 
Any updates Spiky?

kisses and hugs