Suggestions on puting my dog to sleep due to Bone Cancer.

Share advice for keeping your aging dog happy and healthy

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Ann -- CGC

Where's my ball?
Barked: Sun May 15, '11 11:03am PST 
I'm really hopeful that when the time comes, I'll know when to put Ann down; I recognize what a painful decision this is to make. I do know that when the time approaches that I will reread "The Art of Racing in the Rain (by Garth Stein), as it deals with this concept in a beautiful, philosophical way. I'm not sure if you will find comfort in this book, but I really did.
Turner - Gone Too- Soon

Hi I'm Turner- Wanna Smell My- Butt?
Barked: Sun May 15, '11 11:18am PST 
We feel we waited too long for one of our dogs. When we realized we were holding on to her for our sake and not her comfort we let her go. It was such a sad day, knowing later how selfish we were swore to never think of ourselves but put their feelings first.

My Best Friend
Barked: Sun May 15, '11 12:25pm PST 
I would like to think that I'm not thinking of myself when I say she looks like she wants to be alive. I see it her eyes when I look at her that she has that light in her eyes. I guess it's like my aunt says her body is shutting down but not her mind. I know the time is coming just want to make sure the time is right.


The devil made- me do it!
Barked: Sun May 15, '11 8:31pm PST 
I personally would not opt to amputate, even if this were an option. A 17 year old dog would have a very difficult recovery and is it fair to put him through so much pain as he nears the end of his life? I've had to euthanize beloved dogs three times in my life. Each time, as hard as it was, I KNEW, I just knew it was the right time. Each one went gently to sleep in my arms. One of them was 19 years. I gave him a wonderful, long life, and that made it so much more difficult to say good-bye. But, because you love your dog, you will do what is right when the time comes. Until then, spoil him and enjoy every moment that you have.
♥- DarlaMae - ♥

I Am- Iron Nose- !
Barked: Sun May 15, '11 8:41pm PST 
SO sorry you are going through this.frown
Enjoy each day with each other. Such a beautiful so very loved life.
Sending hugs & prayers as you travel this road.

Barked: Sun May 15, '11 9:23pm PST 
The road goes ever on and on down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the road has gone and I must follow if I can
Pursuing it with wear feet intill it joins some larger way
Where many paths and earneds met
Wither when I cannot say. - Bilbo Baggins Lord of the Rings

I put this quote up because its relates to life and all the paths we must take. I know you feel at a cross roads but the choice is yours.

Only you can do what is right for your dog.No one else can, we can all hope and pray you will do what is right. But you have to decide. I'm sorry for your pup and I'll pray for you and your pup.

We can't decide this for you. Only you and your heart and mind can.

My Best Friend
Barked: Mon May 16, '11 10:42am PST 
Once again I appreciate all the replies. I know that im the only one who can make the decision but im glad there are peole like all of you who can assist with their life experiences in helping me make the choice. What about radiation treatment i know im not amputating that is not a option i want to take. Has any one had an older dog and how did they take the the treatment. When i first got my dog i put 400.00 each month into a savings account for future planing so money is not that huge of an issue, of course it is an issue but not a big part of one. I only want the best for her and i said it before i feel in my heart she wants to live.
Melvin--Gone- Too Soon

Too weird to- live, too rare- to die
Barked: Mon May 16, '11 10:51am PST 
I had to put both my greyhounds down to due bone cancer--while amputation is always an option, never feel bad or lesser for choosing euthanasia without amputation. You know your dogs best--I was offered (nay, bullied about) amputation for my hounds and, to me and for them, it just wasn't a viable option. Just because you can doesn't always mean you should. If you think it's her time (and 17 is a very admirable age in general) than listen to your intuition.

I\'m so pretty!
Barked: Mon May 16, '11 6:59pm PST 
Hi Keith,

So sorry to hear this about your friend. I've been through this a few times now. What's hard to do is to put your best friend's welfare in front of your own desire not to lose them.

Ask yourself the big questions, is my fur-kid still enjoying a treat? Can she still get excited for a toy? Is she still willing to go out for a walk no matter how short? If you have answered no to all of these please evaluate her quality of life.

You have been her good friend and guardian for many years it is important for you to give her this last gift. Be with her when she goes so that she knows to the last how much you love her. Don't be too sad and remember what she gave to you with her whole heart.

Hang in there!

Work? What's- that?
Barked: Tue May 17, '11 12:41am PST 
Amputation is difficult to deal with especially for a senior dog but it isn't as severe an impact on a dog's life as it would be with a human. They can still learn to move about pretty quickly on only three legs. I wouldn't throw that option out. If you can stop the spread you might have a relatively long time yet with your dog.

Radiation, on the other hand, can have a stronger impact on a dog's ability to enjoy life while the treatments are going on. Bone cancer is more about stopping the spread as quickly as possible, and considering the targeted area, you're affecting bone marrow as well which can trash the immune system.

It may sound less cruel since you aren't removing a limb but IMO in this very specific case I don't think radiation is really the best option. I'm not a professional or a vet though and I'm not your dog's guardian so do what you think is best smile.

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