Suggestions on puting my dog to sleep due to Bone Cancer.

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My Best Friend
Barked: Sat May 14, '11 11:25pm PST 
Hi All
I'm new to this even though I've been on dogster for awhile now. I was hoping to get some advice on how I would know when to put my dog to sleep she was diagnosed with bone cancer. She has trouble laying down and getting up she limps but when it comes to food she seems to have no problems getting up to eat. I can see in her eyes that she still has life and my family agrees and they are not really dog people. Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated. I don't want to keep her alive for myself I only want what is best for her and I truly feel that she wants to be alive.

Thank you
Keith snoopy

Black dogs rock!
Barked: Sun May 15, '11 3:04am PST 
hug I am very sorry to hear this. I asked my vet friend once how you know it is time to put a dog to sleep. She said " When the bad days out number the good ones." I thought that was a very good guideline. Some people will say that the dog will tell you when it is time. It does not sound like your dog is there just yet. I am sorry you and your dog are going through this.hug
Leah, CGC

All the Beauty- with none of the- Brains
Barked: Sun May 15, '11 4:08am PST 
Bone cancer (depending on the type - you weren't specific) can sometimes involve large tumors on the bone that are extremely painful and continue to advance degrading more and more of the bone leading to an increase in the chance of a pathalogic fracture (fracture of the weakened cancerous bone - can happen from something as simple as walking up stairs or getting on/off bed).

Have you concindered amputation of the limb?

The main concern with bone cancers is trying to avoid it spreading - amputation helps this AND trying to control the pain. Sometimes intense pain control is needed in the last weeks including opiods like oxycodone.

You know your dog best so often it is you who knows how they are feeling. However in some cases our dogs bodies fail them before their minds and with this type of cancer if the pain cannot be controled it seems unfair to make them suffer....however if their pain is controled and they seem to do ok - waiting can be the right answer too.

The thing you need to make peace with is .... no matter what decision you make it will be the right one at the time ... second guessing your decisions harms you more than anyone else.


Cuddly and soft
Barked: Sun May 15, '11 6:12am PST 
My Ridgeback was diagnosed with bone cancer and i ended up amputating his leg the vet said that was the best option.In the end he did not die of his bone cancer but because he was a large and heavy dog he developed back problems i did accupunture that helped for about 8 months then that stopped working and he was in alot of pain i knew it was time to put him to sleep it was the hardest choice i had to make but in the end he just had enough. Been a small dog and if his cancer is in the leg amputation might be the best thing for him they get over it quickly my ridgeback was jumping on my bed a few days after he lost his leg.I hope everthing works out for you.

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Turner - Gone Too- Soon

Hi I'm Turner- Wanna Smell My- Butt?
Barked: Sun May 15, '11 6:18am PST 
We feel that when there is no quality of life left then it is time to let them go. Turner was diagnosed with cancer and was suffering. He was too wonderful to suffer at all so we made the tough decision to let him go. We don't regret our decision, but do miss him terribly.
Billie Jean

Mamma\'s dainty- baby
Barked: Sun May 15, '11 6:32am PST 
First of all I want to say how sorry I am for you and your dog. I have to say I agree with Turner, not only for dogs but humans too...when there is no quality of life any more it is time to let them go.
My Dr. told me that for humans anyway bone cancer is the most painful thing of all things....that in itself is scary and hurts the soul but just know we are here for you!hug

My Best Friend
Barked: Sun May 15, '11 7:30am PST 
Thank you everyone for the advice I am speechless how quick you all responded. I have not considered amputation my dog is old already and the vet said he is not sure how she would handle 3 legs, she is 17. I know that's old but I did do my best to keep her well I took her to the vet every 6 months for checkups and even if she sneezed wrong I took her. It got to the point that everyone knew my voice. The 2nd guessing thing is the worst part I keep thinking what if she wanted to live and I killed her. cry

U have no toy to- throw? Ill get- you one!
Barked: Sun May 15, '11 7:58am PST 
There are so many ideas out there about what the right time is. Some people wait until the bad days outnumber the good, while others prefer to let go before that point, knowing that the animal is on a decline that will only get worse. I don't know if there is a right time. All you can do is go with your gut, and know that 17 years is a full life.

Personally, I think the right time usually ends up being whenever the owner is mentally prepared and able to let go. For every owner that point comes at a different time, and I don't think it really matters to your beloved pet. They know they are loved and thats all that matters to them.
Quentin- Flagg

King Q - king of clown- town
Barked: Sun May 15, '11 8:00am PST 
Awww, sweetie, it sounds like you've given your dog a wonderful and long life. I know how hard of a choice it is. When is the hardest part. Just know that whatever you do, she's lived a great life and you provided that for her. hughughug
Lucky- (R.I.P)

We were lucky- with you, baby- girl.
Barked: Sun May 15, '11 10:47am PST 
hug I'm sorry for you and your pup that you had to receive such a diagnosis. Deciding to put my shepherd down was the hardest thing we had to do; but I agree with the guide that says "When the bad days outnumber the good ones" near the end Lucky lost interest in food and didn't walk anywhere let alone play. 17 years is a long time for a canine, you gave her a long and beautiful life. They tend to just let you know. I'm sorry you have to make this hard decision.
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