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what can the Senior dog forum really offer? There have been questions about medical care or food for senior dogs in their respective forums for as long as I've been on here, and I'm betting that they'll continue to, because the food and vet care experts hang out on those forums.

And the training section has questions about training old dogs sometimes... Honestly what about seniors deserves it's own forum, when questions will probably answered faster and with more knowledge in other, busier forums?

I'm not trying to bash on this forum, (see my title!) but wanted to know what makes it valuable to people. Your opinions appreciated.

(And this is coming from me as Ginger, who was 10 when I got her and 11 when I lost her. frown I never thought of her as a "senior" dog, she was just a dog who happened to have some years on her. I don't like to pidgeonhole older dogs as less capable.)

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I guess I can kind of at least get this one from the standpoint that if I'm asking a question about a senior dog, I'm more likely to get answers from owners who ALSO have senior dogs.

It's one thing to talk about something, quite another if you are living through it. I don't mean to denigrate those who have immense academic knowledge but there are certain small nuances and little things that only people know who have been through or are going through the exact same thing.

But on the flipside, this just seems like something that will wind up with a lot of crossposting - both here, and in the Health subforum.

Back to what I was saying...one of the reasons I don't post in B&T very much is because a lot of the active members there own little dogs and - not to denigrate their wealth of knowledge - but answers I've gotten in the past and answers I've seen others give make me think they do not understand some of those small "nuances" about owning bigger dogs. Similarly advice I might give could be completely inapplicable for little dogs - I flat out wouldn't know, because I've never owned nor worked around nor spent a lot of time with little dogs. Not that I don't like them - I do, I'm just a big dog guy and most of the people I know are as well.

So I can easily imagine that people who own senior dogs might appreciate a place to ask questions that might be more applicable to senior dogs. I don't own a senior dog and I've never really spent extensive time with one (although some neighbors/friends/relatives do have senior dogs) and yeah, there's nothing to stop me posting here or giving advice or anything but probably the bulk of replies are going to be from people in the same situation.

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Ginger, you are 100% right. I don't think there should even be a small dog forum, and now, there's a wet food forum. Wet food, dry food should all be under one catagory.

Sampson, I understand your point also, but, I have 2 young dogs now, and there's really no reason for me to be in this forum right now except for curiousity to see what it was about. And I'm sure others with younger dogs will by pass this forum. Someone with an older dog could miss out on some good advice because they are in a catorgorized forum rather then a general one. shrug And yes, you are right that there will be alot of cross posting.

I come to the forums mainly to educate myself. Yeah, I will throw my 2 cents in and reply on some forums, but I rarely go into the ones that really don't concern me. Even though I have had senior dogs in the past, I don't right now, so this forum really wouldn't concern me.

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There should be a senior forum because there is a puppy forum. Just becaues you have a senior dog and go to the forum doesnt mean you treat yoru dog like a sick decrepit thing. Also having an old dog presents its own set of challenges and experiences.

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sometimes living with a senior dog you need a little support from others living with one.

not really needing answers , just understanding

Miss- Pig!
Barked: Mon Mar 14, '11 2:30pm PST 
I think this is a brilliant forum. Senior dogs do differ from younger dogs obviously and why shouldn't they have a forum dedicated to the ups and downs of senior dog ownership?

I think it's quite sad how much animosity has been going on lately about the small dog forum and now this one. It appears to me that just because certain members feel they don't have a dog that fits that particular forum there shouldn't be one, end of. And just to clarify, i'm not overly fussed with the small dog forum and am certainly not impressed with the wet food forum, but i don't keep harping on about it or try to ruin it for others who might find it beneficial. As i don't care for the wet food forum i simply don't post there, no skin off my nose.

Little Angel
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While I'm not enamored with a lot of the new forums, this one I think is a good idea. A lot of wisdom can be passed here, and for good and fortunate dog owners, this is a forum that will be of use to all of us someday.

I really don't know how to word it, but I kind of like the idea of senior dogs getting their own little special niche, or pedestal if you will. It's a great place to advocate for them, maybe give them more of a presence and make them more appealing. A person who happens across this forum may consider adopting an older dog.

Of course I'm not a psychic and that may not be true, but a rescue-fanatic can dream. smile

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