Cholodin-or other supplements to ward of cognitive degeneration

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Barked: Sat Mar 5, '11 5:09am PST 
Currently my dogs get good food kibble with some home cooked and raw for Tubs and quite a few supplements. I heard cholodin was good to ward of dementia for older pets has anyone tried it?
Has anyone tried anything else to help ward of cognitive delay in older dogs-none of my pets show any signs of this and they are not super old but I would like to prevent it

Princess and the- Pea
Barked: Sun Mar 6, '11 9:25am PST 
It sounds like a nice supplement and was produced in response to research done by Dr. Shawn Messonnier. Price has to be better than the prescription drug. Feed well and the dog will get all of those from the diet. That is a lot of extra zinc, I am wary of too much of any mineral.

Sassy seemed to get a little out of it, occasionally got stuck behind a door and we blamed it on her poor eyesight. Keeping her really well hydrated was super important as it took her forever to drink any water. If you ever went for a hike and got a head ache and disoriented from dehydration you know how debilitating even a slight amount is. She got a B50 which would provide much of what this supplement provides.

It contains
Guaranteed Analysis Per Tablet:
Zinc 7.2mg, Selenium 0.02mg
DL-Methionine 55 mg Riboflavin 1.5 mg
Choline 40 mg Thiamine 1.5 mg
Inositol 40 mg Panthothenic Acid 1 mg
Niacinamide 5 mg Vitamin B6 1 mg
Vitamin E 5 IU Vitamin B12 2.0 mcg
The Urban- Hounds- (Formerly- the

Every dog must- have his day.
Barked: Sun Mar 6, '11 10:32am PST 
I wonder if I should skip it then since it would be a prevantive--I also give multi vitamins that have some zinc