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In Loving- Memory of- Chance

The dog who- didn't stand a- chance
Barked: Wed Mar 9, '11 5:34pm PST 
A senior forum is pretty neat. blue dog

I'm Chance and I'm at the rainbow bridge now, but I was about eleven when I passed away. I was definitely considered a senior for my breed. wave

Canine- Fashionista
Barked: Sat Mar 12, '11 3:09pm PST 
Beulah is my sassy senior. I adopted her from the shelter when she was approximately 10 years old. She is now almost 12 (our best guess) and is the best dog I have ever owned (and she can rock a dress like nobody's business!)
The Wee- Beasties

The Wee 3 are- now the Wee 7!!!
Barked: Mon Apr 25, '11 6:47pm PST 
Our seniors are Rufus (who we think is about 16) and Peaches (who we think is about 13). Both are rescues.

When we adopted Rufus, we thought he'd only live about 6 months, but it's been 2 and a half years and he's still going strong. He's going blind and sleeps most of the time but he's in great health, so we can't see sending him to the bridge yet.

Peaches is our little spitfire...much more active than Rufus. We got her a little over 4 years ago and she's come such a long way since then.

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