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Lucy, Pretty- Lil' Angel

Swallowed a- Whistle

Barked: Wed Mar 2, '11 2:34pm PST 
Hey everyfur!

Thanks to the Dogster Community for suggesting this new Forum; we LOVED the idea!

Let's get started celebrating older pups!

I'm Lucy and I'm a 13 year old pretty, lil', hound!


OG- Original- Goberian
Barked: Thu Mar 3, '11 12:56pm PST 
Sweet!!! I don't have a Senior doggie (yet wink )but I still think this will be a great addition to the Dogster Forums!!!

way to gocheersnoopyblue dogway to gocheersnoopyblue dog

Just a quick nap- before bed- time!!
Barked: Thu Mar 3, '11 1:00pm PST 
This is great, a place to talk about us old ladies and gentlemen.
Thanks for thischeer
I am Feather, and I am 14 years old, going to be 15 in April!
My sisters are older too.....just not as old as me!

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the australian- sheep(herd)
Barked: Thu Mar 3, '11 1:03pm PST 
whoa. I thought something looked different!

Well, here is our old guy Happy. He's approximately 14, no one knows his real birthday, but my family has had him for 9 years, and he was already middle-aged when they got him. He's very healthy aside from being absurdly fat...

bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Thu Mar 3, '11 1:03pm PST 
Yay! I'm such a sucker for the seniors big grin

I'm triple- superior MAD- now!
Barked: Thu Mar 3, '11 1:08pm PST 
Wow, this is awesome!

Every year Max gets better. Senior dogs rule!

If it's on the- floor..it's mine
Barked: Thu Mar 3, '11 1:11pm PST 
Yay! One for the oldies!
How old do you have to be to qualify as 'senior'? Taffy's 8 now, and definitely a senior in terms of energy levels!
Savannah Blue Belle

A Heart of Gold!
Barked: Thu Mar 3, '11 1:17pm PST 
Yippee!It is here! I think this is such a great idea, even though my pack are all still relative youngsters.

Good Form, Dogster!

the Good dog
Barked: Thu Mar 3, '11 1:23pm PST 
Yay cheercheer What a great idea!! My oldest is only 10 but this is so great!!!
Trixie Bean!

none so blind as- those that will- not see
Barked: Thu Mar 3, '11 1:25pm PST 
Aww, a forum for the oldies cloud 9. Beanie girl is 11 this year.. Shes getting old, I guess frown. Don't tell her that though- everyone still thinks shes around 3-4 due to the way she looks and acts big grin
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