Worried about panting

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I have 2 Scottish Terriers. The lady is a smaller black haired while the boy is a larger wheaten colored pooch. We live in NJ and, when the weather startd to get warm, he one with the lighter hair begins to pants months before the one with the black hair. I trim them both for the hot weather, but he is more sensitive to the heat than she is. As a matter of fact, she loves to sunbathe and I have to watch how much time she spends there. Need I worry about his sensitivity to the heat? Is it a symptom of a breathing problem? Both are very energetic. Thank you.
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Hello! I am the Admin of a Scottish Terrier Group here, but it is not real active. red face I would suggest you go to your Facebook Account. There is a group there called Scottie Health:


You can find all the experts with great answers! We have not had the experience you described, and I can't advise you properly.

Good luck with your two precious babies! hug