To Fix Or Not To Fix ?

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You must hide at- bath time !!
Barked: Fri Jul 15, '11 8:34am PST 
I'm steaming mad today! We have been looking for a companion dog for Gavin and meet with a rescue agency I don't want to mean here but wow what dog snobs !! I was treated like a monster because Gavine is not altered! I was lectured at length about the subject and I was on my best behavior I already know the pitfalls of not taking his Bo jingles away I'm not an ignorant back yard breeder!! I do however feel if you have a relatively rare dog with good blood work and no signs of being afflicted with common breed ailments he should not be taken off of the market. Where would a responsible breeder be if there were no healthy options left. Breeding dogs with health problems into the blood line not out of the blood line or worst yet inbreeding which has destroyed the health of many breeds. Don't get me wrong I will get Gavine altered soon however if the opportunity comes along to breed him with a healthy female until then ...I will proudly let his jingle jangles jingle. Just a foot note this is not an add for studding just a venting moment.

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