new puppy

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Barked: Tue Jul 29, '08 9:24pm PST 
I have two scottish terrier
on is 3 in September and Pup is 8 weeks old

when is it ok to travel with the pup (car)
what age is it good to get them use of the car?
Angus the older one hates the car and will
go in (I think we waited to long and it's not good so we don't take in the car)wave

Mr. Dundee
Barked: Wed Sep 17, '08 3:04pm PST 
It's never to early to take your pup in the car, that's my opinion. We had to drive from AL to TN to get our puppy (he was 8 weeks). He had to drive to his new home from AL to SC and he did well. As he got older (still puppy) I took him everywhere in the car with me bank, park, etc. and socialized him well. Most scotties that I know love the car. Dundee does well in the car till this day.

I run this- place!
Barked: Thu Dec 25, '08 7:41pm PST 
it is never to early! start now! we started riley as soon as we got him, and he loves riding in the car, he has his own spot in the car where has can see everything going on around us. the earlier you start them, the easier it is going to be for them later on, you will see, they love the car