Vomiting Scottie

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Princess Noodle
Barked: Sat Dec 29, '07 2:39pm PST 
Luna, my 8 year old girl, has been vomiting bile every morning for a week (save the token day I put newspapers all over the floor. Murphy's Law!).

We have not changed her food and although she tucked into berries during a walk the first day (with two other Scottie friends - I haven't seen them since to find out how they're doing) it's been 7+ days, so the vet, who we saw today, thought that wasn't the issue.

He was concerned about her pancreas as that area was tender when he was checking her. Does anyone know if Scotties are prone to problems with the pancreas?

Any thoughts, advice and/or info?

I run this- place!
Barked: Thu Dec 25, '08 7:43pm PST 
my riley was throwing up for a few days, i took him to the vet, and he told us that riley was throwing up organic stuff. he was chewing leaves off of our plant, and this was making him sick. he then told me, that scotties stomachs dont do well with organic stuff like leaves, and wil berries and the such. it will make their pancreas area tender because this is the area of the body it affected. hope it helps