Revolution Flea/Tick Medication problem

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Barked: Fri Aug 31, '07 12:55pm PST 
My Mom applied the medicine to the back of my neck and the hair seems to have bleached out to brown from my lovely black! Anyone else ever have this problem?shrug

Barked: Tue Jul 29, '08 9:08pm PST 
Hi I had the same problem with revolution and i was alway
sick for days after getting this meds
so my mum told me to a natralpath vet and she told my mum
STOP using this poison
I get tea tree oil on my back
am better now

Hoot-Mon! A wee- bairn lassie
Barked: Thu Sep 4, '08 7:46am PST 
Tee tree oil works for fleas & ticks? Our scotties are always scrating & itching. They get bathed and have flea baths & meds. But still itchy! I think we will try the tee tree oil!! Thanks! Do you put it all over the dog or just at the back of the neck?

Cody - R.I.P.

Barked: Thu Nov 27, '08 8:55pm PST 
my older sister kacee died from bladder cancer. it's been found that pesticides and herbicides promote this disease (which by the way scotties are 18 times more prone to than other breeds) - sooo - if at all possible please try to use holistic or natural products