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Born to be cute
Barked: Sun Sep 7, '08 7:02pm PST 
I'm not a sato, but my owners had satos before.

Being from PR my owner knows first hand how smart and lovable a sato can be.

So let me start by saying thanks to all of you that have adopted a sato.

My owner had a sato that was with her for 21 years. Her name was Negri. She was all black with a white spot in her chest. It kind of looked like a smaller version of a lab. Then there were Kirby (12) and Tristi (16). These two came from a litter of 8 born to a pregnant sato that my owner rescued from the street. All of the puppies including the mom found permanent loving homes.

My owner always wanted a beagle and after Tristi passed she decided to go ahead and get me - so that is how I came to be at this former "sato" home.

Barked: Fri Oct 10, '08 9:30pm PST 
I had never heard of a sato before we adopted Carmen, the most amazing dog we have ever had in our family. Carmen is totally joyous, with a tail that never stops wagging and a tongue that is out to lick the world. She loves everything - dogs, people, children. For a dog that had lived on the streets of Puerto Rico, she is so grounded, without issues or problems. She never barks, which I find amazing. She is calm around bikes, horses, urban noises. She seems like a wise old soul at only 9 months of age. How is this possible? Are all satos like this?

We had a trainer come to the house and after 10 minutes asked why she was there - Carmen seemed to already know all the commands, rules and regulations. She never bolts, never runs out the door, waits for me to give her the ok before she gets out of the car, waits calmly to be fed. Everyone who meets Carmen falls in love with her.

I would love to hear from other sato owners on their experiences with these dogs.

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snowball- catching- extraordinaire
Barked: Wed Nov 26, '08 4:55pm PST 
Hi everyone! It doesn't seem like anyone's posted lately but maybe we can get some action going on here! We have two Satos, Tessie and Skippy, that we rescued in March. Tessie will be a year old on Saturday. We believe she is a lab/border collie mix. She is from the San Juan area. She lived on the streets when she was very young. She still has shyness issues with people (LOVES other dogs) but we've been working on it and she's come a long way. Otherwise she is full of energy and is a lot of fun! We were told that Skippy was a Pointer mix. He definitely has Pointer spots but is very small compared to the Pointer breed. We think he might be mixed with some kind of hound but he has to be a mix of mixes! He's very affectionate and loves to cuddle and give kisses. We love our Satos so much and we would love to help get word out about this wonderful program. We had never heard of it before we adopted our two!

Paisley Jane

Crazy Paisley
Barked: Mon Jan 19, '09 8:56am PST 
Paisley Jane is a whippet/lab sato. It's hard to say she's got whippet in her because she is so tall, but she's built like a giant whippet or greyhound. Her hips sit high and her legs are very long. She's got a very small waist and narrow shoulders. She's got a long neck and even longer tongue! She's got a long silly tail that curls up. She was expected to be 35-40 pounds, but with lots of exercise and nutritional food, she is now a long, lean 68 pounds.

She was very skiddish when we got her, and needed lots of socialization and rehabilitation. After a year and a half, she has made tremendous strides. She is very agile and quick, she has an unbelievable jump- both distance and height. She is by far the most intelligent dog I have worked with. I've trained and owned labs for the better part of 12 years and never thought I'd own a mutt quite this bright. She is very eager to learn and work. She can retrieve specific toys based on name. She is very alert and keen. She can maneuver and squeeze through anything. She is SO fast! She has that graceful whippet/greyhound gallop, and her back feet are under her chest at full speed.

I'd like to get her into agility or flyball this Spring because she has so much drive and focus. I am excited to see her excel at a focused sport because she learns so quickly and is very graceful. She can learn a new trick in 5 minutes, and can perform it unassisted within a few days of practice.

I have some photos of her posted here:

TwoPees & APoop
Barked: Wed Feb 11, '09 11:05am PST 
I have some whippet mix too. I have good vertical leap and if any of the dogs in the neighborhood are out and I'm off leash, goodbye suckas. I think I might have some lab in me. I like to carry around toys for no apparent reason.
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