Blogathon to benefit rescue

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Harnessed to Hope Dogs

Foster and Save- a Dog
Barked: Tue Jun 26, '07 5:18am PST 
Just wanted to remind you humans that Blogathon sponsorship registration
will be opening up sometime around 1 July (less than a week away).

I'll be posting the link for sponsorship once it opens and I'll be blogging
once again for Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue, a 501c3 rescue.

Today in the mail I received a box from Canada with some cool things in it
that we'll be giving away as prizes throughout the night to registered
sponsors. Not going to say what items are in there (other than really cool
stuff) but there are some hints on my blog:
Once sponsorship opens up, perhaps I'll post some pictures of the items, who
knows. I'm a husky, I like to play games.

So, everyhusky, grab your human's wallet, get those credit cards and get
ready to sponsor me in Blogathon 2007.

As always, permission to crosspost widely

(the woo, the proud, the fluffy)