Could Obi be a Saluki mix?

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Obi Kenobi
Barked: Mon Mar 24, '08 9:44am PST 
I recently adopted a dog from a shelter in OH. They told me he was a shepherd mix…. As he grows older (he’s now 10 months) I don’t see any shepherd qualities at all in him and my vet was also doubtful. I have had a couple people say he seems like a sight hound and my sister says he looks like one of those desert dogs – salukis
I started researching salukis and it does sound like Obi, but I’d like to know what you think. He is a very ‘different’ dog. In many ways he’s not doglike. He has a gait almost like a horse – it’s very graceful and long strides. Sometimes in the house he ‘prances’ from room to room. It reminds me of a horse. He is also very catlike. When he’s playing with a toy and our other dog (a pit/lab mix who loves tug of war games) tries to take it from him, half the time he tries to hold it with his feet rather than his mouth. He curls his feet to hold on, like a cat. He also walks on the back of the couch and sometime sleeps up there. He’s a BIG dog to be on the back of the couch, but a good climber. He crosses his front paw in a cat like way and has long elegant legs and paws/toes. He is unbelievably gentle and sweet in his manner. The strangest thing is his expression. He is very noble and dignified in his manner, yet very silly at the same time. His expression is so full of sweetness and wide eyed innocence that at times it just makes me laugh. When I talk to him he stares at me with incredible intensity. He has a very steady and intense gaze that is unusual for a dog. He is very deliberate and thoughtful in his actions, but seems to evaluate everything I tell him and then decides if it makes sense to him. He is slow and careful, yet curious about everything. Also, he has the softest, silkiest coat I’ve every touched. Everyone who pets him remarks on how soft and velvety he is. He is affection, but in an aloof way. He HATES to be left alone anywhere, yet he doesn’t like to cuddle much. He likes to be in the same room with everyone, but not touching too much. He loves to sit and watch everyone from warm, soft place. He is polite to visitors, but not overly friendly and often quietly goes in another room until they leave. He loves the other dog and follows her everywhere, but is quite happy to play beside her and not necessarily with her. He is very tall, thin, and lanky, with a deep chest, a tail so long it almost touches the ground with a little crazy tuft of hair on the end that my sister calls an ‘explosion’. Narrow muzzle and these beautiful brown eyes and very, very intense gaze. I am baffled by this dog. He is so un-doglike. He seems wise and yet is not what I would call trainable. He hates to have anyone, including the other dog, be even slightly upset with him and yet will do things he knows he isn’t allowed to do and then look sweetly and humbly apologetic when I correct him. He is very different. From what I’ve read, this is how salukis are as well. Since you have experience with this breed, I wonder if you could tell me if anything I’ve said sounds familiar to you. Everyone who meets Obi has a sense of this strange quality about him. Thank you! Lori
(Obi is the black dog in the middle of the pix. I will post better pix tonight or tomorrow if that helps)