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Barked: Wed Dec 12, '12 12:44pm PST 
I'm thinking about getting a saint bernard. My friend has one and I just love him however I've only been around him for short periods of time. I like bigger dogs and am used to them. However, I am allergic to excessive pet dander and such but NOT dog saliva.
So my question is, how are saint bernards with allergies? Do they shed alot? Am I going to be stuffy and congested all the time? Is short hair any better? Help!! Thank you!

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Barked: Sat Dec 15, '12 5:52am PST 
We have a Saint, and I'm severely allergic to the dander. I take an allergy medicine that really helps, but if you don't take anything, you will be stuffy and congested. Also, our Saint thinks he's part lap dog, so he's on our laps quite often. They do shed quite a bit, at least ours does, but he doesn't drool, he's a dry mouth.

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Which medicine have you found helpful?


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There is no such thing as a "dry mouth" Saint.
"Technically, there is no such thing as a "dry mouth Saint", but most Saints do not drool to an offensive degree. -- Saint Bernard Club of America.