My Saint is a pawer

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I have a 9 month old Saint that uses his paws
more than any dog I've ever owned. He does
it mainly to get attention. Sometimes it's cute,
but be woken up to huge paw scratching at me is
not so cute. Is it a Saint thing ?

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My SB likes to paw too but he is too big to really do it except when he is lying on his side or back. Then his paws are always up in the air, reaching and flailing.

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A little late for this post. I think pawing is a Saint thing. I cannot believe how much my saint paws either. She does it to get attention or like you said when she is laying on her back or side playing. It wouldnt be so bad if the paws weren't the size they are and felt like sandpaper!


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ok that is just stinking CUTE!

My wife and I took Sarge for training. They did the "Shake" (like shake hands) command for fun but wasn't part of the real curriculum for testing. They told us we can opt out of the "Shake" part because we wouldn't want Sarge's huge catchers mitts swiping us. He didn't do it naturally. From the few responses here, I'm guessing Sarge is in the minority there?

We eventually taught him "Bones" like 'shake' or fist bumping/pound it. He mostly gets it. He gets praise if he swipes after I stick my hand out and say "Bones".

I have to correct him if he gives me "Bones" when I don't ask for it. I test him by sticking my hand out and saying nothing, or saying other words like "Car", "Refridgerator", or something.

You might want to try something similar with your dog. MAYBE it will work. Eventually, he'll come to understand that he shouldn't swipe unless you ask him to.

I'm working on a similar problem with Sarge. He gives paw/shakes/bones fine, but he swipes the back screen door when he want's to be let in. I have to camp the back door and open the door and correct him right away when he does it. I'm not making any progress on this. It can be frustrating.

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Maya is a big pawer as well. She does it when she wants attention, and even stomps her foot at us sometimes. She tends to paw, kick and stomp a lot when she's playing.
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My Saint never did that but my Great Pyrenees does. It is so adorable but not so much when you get woken up to it.