Just got a Saint Bernard puppy! Questions!

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Barked: Sat May 12, '12 7:58pm PST 
We recently received (as in for free, kind of a weird situation) a (then) 7 week old St Bernard puppy. She came to us with only some AKC registration form. The "breeder" (Our sons are on the same baseball team) told me that she had been wormed once and that we'd need to continue to do that as well as start her vaccinations.
So after letting her setttle in for a couple of days I took her to get wormed and she got a shot for distemper. The next night I had to take her into the emergency vet because she was breathing very rapidly. The vet said that her breathing was "slightly" elevated, and that it was probably a reaction to the vaccine. Gave her a shot, prescribed benadryl and charged a lot.

Last Saturday she was 8 weeks old and started taking trifexin (or something like that... for fleas, ticks, heartworms and some intestinal worms.

Just the other day I noticed some weird worm on her poop. It was alive and from talking to the vet found out it's called a round worm. She said that's good and what the wormer is supposed to do.

The last couple of days it seems like she's gotten thinner. She's definitely gotten taller, but she doesn't seem to look like that rolly-polly puppy from a couple of weeks ago. I know she's going to get big fast, but should she already be losing the round belly and puppy pudge? I am going to take her for an overall health check when my husband gets paid in a few days, but I'm kind of worried about her. I am a worrier. Do you think she could be getting thin because of the worms or could getting rid of the worms make her belly smaller?

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Barked: Tue May 29, '12 6:14pm PST 
Bloated and distended stomach is a sign of worms, so I wouldn't worry so much...puppies really should not be rolly polly anyways...enjoy your new puppy!
Macie Moo

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Barked: Sun Jun 3, '12 3:37pm PST 
Almost all puppies have worms and a belly full of worms will cause them to look fat and rolly polly. Her pooping the worms out and losing that belly is a good thing. Im going through it right now with my 8 weeks old Saint. You dont want them rolly polly thin is better than fat since you dont want them to grow to fast and being to heavy can cause joint and hip issues when older. Sounds like your doing a great job with her. Good luck we should keep in touch. I have a 8 week old male Saint puppy