My saints tail?

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Barked: Thu Feb 9, '12 10:27am PST 
So looking for anyone that has had their Saint from puppyhood..what did his/her tail look like when young vs now? Our first Saint we adopted at age 6, and now Bella we adopted at what we thought was a year old but recently the vet said she was more like 6 due to her gum disease. However Bella is such a different dog then when we got her a year ago. She has gained 20lbs, her fur has changed, but the biggest difference is her tail fur, when we got her her tail looked like a labs but a little curlier, but now she has the long fur that hangs down from it...but the fur did not look cut, I trim what I call her butt fluff to keep her clean, her tail did not look cut just not grown out yet.

So any Saint owners that had their Saint through this stage have an opinion or anything helpful? What changes take place in a growing Saint and around what age?
Bella Marie

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Barked: Fri Jul 27, '12 10:02pm PST 
Bella Marie had a corkscrew looking tail, like a lab's, until she was 7 months. It is now full and fluffy at 9 months.