My dog has been growling lately

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Barked: Sun Sep 29, '13 11:20am PST 
My Rottweiler, well trained and thoroughly socialized. Almost 4 years old, has recently begun growling at people that approach me on walks. It is only if they start approaching me and she stops as soon as I tell her to stop but the harm is already done at that point. She becomes the big mean dog. She absolutely loves people so it is just to warn them that she's protecting me but I don't want her to do it" There is a trigger that begun this and that was someone tried to break into our house about 4 months ago and me and my two children were home and I ran to hold the door shut and her barking scared them off but since then she gets protective when out on the leash if someone walks up to me. If I invite someone in the house, and introduce her, she is still the same old loving dog. I know that sometimes correcting at the wrong time can reinforce certain behaviors so I'd really like to have some ideas of the best way to correct it. Like I said, she stopped as soon as I said no but she's done it a couple of times and I have to figure out how to break her of this without putting fear into people walking by her.