Does your rottie get along with your little dog?

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♥Chlo- e- Chanel&heart- s;

Miss Chloe- Ba-by!
Barked: Sun Feb 13, '11 7:36am PST 
We are planning to add a rottie puppy to the family this spring. Was just wondering if you all had little dogs and if so how did the dogs get along.
Elizabeth- Chincarini-D- avis

"Let THE- sleeping dog- lie. '
Barked: Sun May 8, '11 10:48am PST 
My Rottie (Lizzie) turns 6 years old today and she has been raised her whole life with other animals. I have a dachshund, 2 Australian shepherds and assorted cats and she can play with all of them. I even have friends that bring their small chihuahua over to play with her. She is a gentle giant. Feel free to visit our page and you can see how loving she is with the smaller animals. Thanks!