What kind of mix could this be?

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Hi guys. Looking to adopt this dog for service, but trying to determine a true mix. We KNOW her mother was boxer, but not sure of father. We have been thinking all along that she was mixed with RR, but now doing more research, wondering if she could be mixed with Cur instead? The thing is, her temperament seems very RR, too.

This link is to an old photo. She is currently 8 months and already 55 lbs. She has extremely long, strong legs. She does not make much noise, but does howl if she thinks you are doing something to her siblings.

She has been great with my kids when we visited with her. She is very loving to my son with cerebral palsy, especially. But lets my other son walk her and untangle her from her leash, etc., without even the slightest hesitation. She really likes to stick by people, and seems extremely intelligent based on discussions with the foster mom she now has. I don't have any current pics, but we think she looks a lot more like an RR now than any boxer we have ever seen.