My Sascha is amazing, but she was meant to be the only dog

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Barked: Sun Feb 24, '13 3:29pm PST 
I suppose I am looking for advice/help/encouragement. I have a 7-8 y/o RR mix (German Shepard), and I love her more than I can express. I rescued her from my ex husbands family, as they could not keep up with her energy needs. I brought her into my home, where we had another spayed female dog. They had many good day, and several bad days. Due to Sascha size and intensity as all ridgebacks have, I had to get our other dog to the vet on two seperate occasions. After the divorce, he kept both dogs. About 2 months ago, he asked for me to take her, because the two dogs just are not getting along. I did, knowing that I have the time, patience, and love for her. She takes a stern owner to set her boundries as RR are independent thinkers. I thought that I would be strong enough to prevent what happened before to happen again. I am not. She is meant to be a one dog home. I have two roommates who both have dogs, and one of them is 14 pounds. We have had two scuttles where thankfully noone ended at the vet, but are very difficult for me and my female roomate to handle. The next time might end up in the vet. My RR is NEVER the aggressor, only the defender. I can't change how they train/or dont train their dog. I have limitations and boundries for my Sascha. She is amazing, loving, sweet, dog. She is good with cats. She does not care for other dogs, but will not go after them. She loves water, soccer, playing catch and is great at it and of course cuddling. I am at a loss. I am not in a situation where I can move out and give her a one dog home, and as a responsible pet owner, I am starting to feel that I have to rehome her, to a home that will love her, but be the only dog. She is good with cats. Any help, suggestions? This breaks my heart, but I have to be a good owner and do what is right by my dog.

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I should add- that she does not go after dogs, even on walks, in the home and she will even cuddle with other dogs if they just leave her alone. She can walk in a park and not want to run after other dogs. She is just defensive and uneasy when other dogs approach her, but not always.