rhodesian Ridgeback off leash?

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Barked: Sat Mar 10, '12 2:41pm PST 
Im looking into getting a RR puppy but have one concern. I am very active with hiking camping and jogging, and do much of it in open off leash parks... Are ridgebacks trainable off leash? I have heard not. Thanls!

Barked: Wed Mar 14, '12 5:26pm PST 
I've heard the same thing. We have a Ridgeback mix and if something catches her eye, it is really hard to snap her out of her trance to get it. We've done a ton of recall training and she has improved some, but if its something really enticing- a dog friend of hers, a small animal, food... she'll go for it. What we've done about hiking is tie a long rope to her typical leash and then she trails the rope in the woods. If we see her get interested in something, we'll grab the rope and reel her in. We also always have treats to get her back from her trance. The nice thing is that ridgebacks are known to be food motivated, so that eases training.

In terms of being in the yard, our neighbor has trained his purebred ridgeback to never leave the yard without him. When he hikes with him, he also keeps him on a long leash and pulls it in when he needs to.
We've noticed that ours is also reluctant to leave the yard alone, though I wouldn't trust her yet.