rhodesian ridgeback/doberman mix?

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Tessie Eleanore

flash, that's- all you see when- I run!
Barked: Wed Sep 22, '10 8:07pm PST 
Hello, I'm Tessie and I was purchased from a pet store that takes pets in families have but don't have anywhere to bring. My exact breed is unknown, but I clearly have doberman markings. my grandparents and parents think I may have rhodesian ridgeback because of my behaviors, I'm unmanageable if I don't RUN RUN RUN and I love to hunt, I already have a squirrel and mole under my doggy belt! I'm very loyle, and as long as I get my daily running in, I'm very laid back at home and just like to sleep and lay down or chew a toy/bone. The only thing that throws my family off is my long corkscrew tail. Any ideas what I may be?