Help I have lost my Owner in Fort Worth Texas

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Boomer(foun- d dog)

Barked: Sat Sep 5, '09 7:39am PST 
and I am sick... Im a young boy, a ridgeless ridgeback in the N fort worth area of Texas. My present caretaker is seeking my owner out for me so that she will feel safe in that i wasnt stolen from my owner.I am not real well right now as I am heart worm positive.My caretaker is making arrangements to help me get well. If I have lost you or someone you know please tell them I miss them and looked and looked for them and please come here and they will find me still searching.

Barked: Mon Oct 5, '09 6:13am PST 
Hi. I am so glad you found this puppy. I think you need to face the fact that he was probably dumped. Either the owners realised he was sick and didn't want to pay for him or they just got sick of him and decided they didn't want to look after him. Most likely they dumped him somewhere far from where he lives so he wouldn't find his way back frown people can be so cruel!! But he is so lucky you found him. I think you would be so much better for him than his previous owners and I hope you decide to keep him. Good luck with him. he looks like a gorgeous dog and you are a beautiful person for doing what you are doing. not many people would've done it! Keep us updated on his progress.