What do you eat?

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Look at my- Ridge!
Barked: Fri Jun 15, '07 1:05pm PST 
Howdy! I'm a full ridgeback - and I'm the sweetest dog ever!

I was wondering what foods you all eat?

My humans feed me Arkat's Enhance 22/12.

Here's their website: http://www.arkat.com/enhance-adult.html

My humans chose this food b/c it's American made, affordable, and has some of the best ingredients for me and my sister (she's a chiweenie - and thinks she's a mini-ridgeback).

So what are your favorite human foods? Mine is pizza, steak, chicken, bread, cheese, carrots - but I HATE green beans!

What do you eat?

La bestia, La- Maquina... Zeus- el grande!
Barked: Mon Jun 18, '07 2:46pm PST 
Actually, I was about to ask this same question...

When puppy, i was fed with Purina ProPlan Giant Breed, with more proteins and calories b/c I'm very, very active.

Then, on my 1st birthday, I was changed to Purina ONE, which is much more accesible... It is very hard to find ProPlan Giant Breed around and it is almost the double in price!! I eat a whole 50 pounds bag every 4 weeks... Here in Puerto Rico you can only find Purina (Alpo, Migthy Dog, Purina ONE, Pro Plan Small and Medium Breeds, Beneful, Pedigree Brand, some Eukanuba and some Private Labels at Costco and Sams Club). I also get a lot of Purina ONE and pro Plan Large Biscuits, but I have been moved to Pedigree Marrow Biscuits because it has more Vitamins A, D and E.

I will love to know which is the best food for a Rhodesian Ridgeback??? thinking thinking thinking

On thge Breed All About It: Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Andrew Weil made a special homemade diet/mixture with canned food for his Ridgebacks... But I don't I have a clue of what it was?!?!

Barked: Mon Jun 25, '07 6:53am PST 
Well I eat Natural Balance's Duck & Potato I had a little trial and error with some other foods and I have some allergies so my mom and vet had to take me off of everything and had me just eating this duck and potato. It seemed to work my stomach problems and my ears cleared up. I know we're suppose to have cast iron stomachs, but I don't sometimes I wish I did cause some of that people food looks real good and I can beg and beg but sometimes those humans are a little tough to break. (Don't tell mom but my dad caves more than she does) So anyhow my mom, Vet and me seem to really like this Duck & Potato my coat is real good too. I like it! I really do. snoopy


I'm a valentines- sweety!
Barked: Thu Jun 28, '07 8:47pm PST 
I, like most of us, love to eat almost anything! But my people won't give me their food....sometimes mom drops stuff in the kitchen though...

I eat Canidae. Both the breeders of my mom & pop swear by it for ridgebacks. It tastes good too!

Barked: Fri Jun 29, '07 12:42pm PST 
Solid Gold Hund&Flock somtime mixed with a little pumkin or sweet potatoes and some vitamin C alway helps for those flying ears(If your a pup like me).

Do you wanna- play?!?!?
Barked: Sat Jul 14, '07 7:32am PST 
I eat Royal Canin Large Breed dog food and love it!

Enzi!! He's- Lekker!!
Barked: Fri Jul 20, '07 10:51am PST 
My mum feeds me Burns food.
I'm on Mini-bites at the minute cos I'm still just a baby, but very soon I'll be going onto the grown-ups food.


Strict- disciplinarian
Barked: Tue Aug 7, '07 9:12pm PST 
I really like Innova Evo Red Meat but I might be switching soon because my mom is concerned about the recent problems with Innova.
ding dong- dingo dave

Barked: Wed Aug 22, '07 11:14am PST 
lincoln, you should try solid golds wolf king if you like the sg stuff.
" what do i not eat? " would be a better question... i don't eat carrots, well, fresh ones.. if they are i dry i don't want them.
my regular food that goes in my dish is usually one of the following:
nutro lg breed
solid gold

they are all pretty good but they're the best if they are covered in NUPRO. it's vitamins and stuff but they make a good gravy.wave

Born to run.
Barked: Wed Jan 9, '08 9:52pm PST 
ZOE is eats Innova Adult food. She's 73 to 75#'s, runs at 16 mph,
sometimes at 20 mph for 1 to 3.5 miles 5 days a week and receives
3.5 ozs of dry and 1 oz twice a day. Daily snacks 0.5 to 1 oz of dry
and just before bed time 1 oz of can. Once a week I'll give her 2t of
Yogurt or Applesause. Sometimes I'll let her lick my plate if I leave
some applesause and/or small pices of chicken, turkey, beef or tuna.
Once a month I'll give her 8 ozs of Chicken of the Sea Pink Salmon
over several feedings. I also give her raw baby carrots as a treat once
in a while.
To check out the quality of different foods, go here:

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