Redtick Coonhound?

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Energizer Bunny
Barked: Tue May 8, '12 1:16pm PST 
When I rescued my puppy, Abby, I was told she was probably a beagle/treeing walker coonhound mix. She does have the short, glossy coat of a TWC, but she's got the red ticking that makes me think she could be redtick coonhound. A few people have told me she looks like she could have foxhound in her as well. I guess she's a bit small... at nearly 7 months she's about 16" at the shoulder, 19" at the withers. Not sure how big she'll get. I've got some pictures here. Any opinions? Do any of you guys think she could be at least part redtick coonhound? Don't know if it matters much, but I have pics of her and some of her litter mates at 8 wks old. One looks like she could be a black & tan coonhound (or bluetick), two look like they could be redbone, and the other almost looks like a walker. So wondering if they could all be a mix of different coonhounds?


http://i.imgur.com/yt 8hW.jpg

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