Allergy dogs on raw? Skin conditions lately?

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Good Afternoon,
I haven't written lately. Louie was doing really well. Very minor skin issues and I was happy with his overall health. That was until about March of this year. We had a really early spring this year in St. Louis, the pollen was, and still is herrendous. I get choked up and I don't have a lot of breathing issues normally. But, back to Louie. He is having a major bout with skin lesions. Multiple blister like or crusty sores on his belly, weepy eyes, etc. My vet says its the pollen, but she just put him on a butt load of new supplements. Not that I was totally against supplements, but I spent a long time testing what worked for Louie and what didn't. She changed them all to Standard Process Whole food sups. Now the skin issues are back with a vengence. Before I jump to any conclusions, thought I might ask if other Raw feeders are observing an unusual turn around to skin issues again due to pollen, etc. Louie was doing well for almost a year and had only minor issues compared to now after switching to raw a year and a half ago.
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Maggie is my skin issue girl...raw fed for 4 years and I still struggle through the spring and early summer with her. The pollens and seeds (not to mention the stupid fleas) in the grass just cause her poor body to break out. She gets staph type infections and I can normally manage with keeping her clean but there are times when there is no bath for an extended time and it gets out of hand...I have yet to find anything that helps her other than keeping her clean and wiped down (which she hates - she loves being muddy).

I do know that when the weather/water warms up, daily swimming in the salt water helps...but the water is still too chilly for that and it isn't something inlanders can do.
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Hey, Louie. Savvy is my allergy pup, or at least the one with recurring issues. She has improved so much on raw...but in the spring she always has a bit of a setback and this year worse than usual. She has been chewing her paws and scratching a good bit, and I have put some topicals on. I am waiting for the season to end...

We are going to the ocean tomorrow, sometimes a saltwater swim helps. And I have a pretty good vet recommended shampoo called "Keto-Chlor" which helps her and Samoa when he gets his patchy dryness.


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I have an allergy girl at home and what she does summer/spring sounds a lot like what you're dealing with. What I did first was make sure there was a filtration system in the house that will help with any breathing issues with both of us. Second every time she comes in I spritz her with a mixture of lemon juice and water (apparently vinegar also is supposed to work but I hate the smell) Then wipe her down with a towel. I do this Every time she goes outside. I also wash her down if it's high pollen.
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One of the wonderful things about raw is that it helps cut down the inflammatory process. The refined grains in kibble exacerbate it.

My Tessa suffered with horrible allergies. She would chew herself bloody. She had constant ear infections, hives and rashes. Raw helped her so much, and she was so happy with it.

I would recommend trying it, and in addition try adding in some local raw honey to his supplements.

Here is a link that discusses its use in humans
The same applies in dogs
http://www.whole-dog-journal.com/issues/10_9/features/Bee-Hone y-Products-Help-Canines_15967-1.html

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Thanks for the input everyone. It's a bit of a comfort to know that other who feed raw still have this issue. Thanks also for the tip on Lemon Juice, etc. Hmmm. as far as the salt water... I don't have access to it as in the ocean, but I could always make a salt water bath. It is helping to bath him. But its killing my back. I so need an upright professional dog bath if I have to do this so often. Ugh. I am already using honey, but thanks to everyone for your input and tips.

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Hey Louie, any chance you feed green tripe? It won't fix an allergy problem, but it does tremendously improve digestive and skin issues.