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Okay so I feed Zoey Prey Model Raw, however even after almost 4 years of raw, she still REFUSES organs unless I blend them into her meat mixtures. I make her up cubes that have the meat and the organs. I have a ton of beef heart and would like to incoorporate it into her regular feedings, how much can I add without it causing problems? Keep in mind she only eats about 1 & 1/2oz per day. Is it something that in small amounts can be fed on a daily basis?
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I prefer to feed larger portions of beef heart less often. I consider heart a sort of "other" like lung or tripe... It's not really muscle meat, but it's not really an organ. I feed such items roughly 15% of my overall diet.

The reasoning behind feeding heart in larger, spaced out meals is it's high in copper. Which is great - copper is necessary - but copper can block zinc absorption. Considering my breed is genetically prone to poor zinc absorption, I'd rather they have days of just zinc-rich beef muscle meat, no copper-rich heart (or liver, for that matter).

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Wow, it does have a lot of copper for muscle meat! I just am not crazy about the poor zinc to iron ratio. If she likes heart then using it in the organ grind is a great idea for part of the meat anyway. I agree, keeping it down to 15% of the total diet is a good idea. Iron is good and all but that ratio of 10hi5:1, zinc:iron:copper is important. Heart is more like 5:12:1.
Per ounce
Iron 1.2mg7%
Zinc 0.5mg3%
Copper 0.1mg


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