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Hi all i just have a Q about prey model diet. I will be starting my pup on this diet but just wasnt sure about how much RMB i should be giving. I know the general guide is 80/10/10 but what percentage per week is RMB because ita too hard to figure out percentages of bone on the meat. I was thinking around 50% of the diet over a week should be about correct? Thanks.

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The problem we have with 50% meaty bones is they vary a great deal on the amount of bone in there! A chicken foot weighs about 1.5 ounces but has 75% of the bone Max needs daily where a chicken quarter might weigh 8 ounces and contain just about the right amount of bone for him. If I gave him 5 ounces of chicken feet he would get far more bone than needed and 5 ounces of thigh might not be enough.

I like feeding super bony chicken so I can feed lots more red meat most of the time so Max might get a couple chicken feet, chicken ribs, back and most of his meal be red meat and organs.

Chance's website has lists of how much bone in what RMB.