Answers Pet Food and picky eaters

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small but mighty
Barked: Wed Dec 18, '13 11:53am PST 
I know most on this forum probably prepare raw themselves but I was wondering if anyone feeds or has fed Answers Pet Food. There seems to be a consensus out there that it's better than other premade brands. They offer three meat sources and have two formulas, straight and detailed.

Straight is supposed to be a complete diet with the addition of raw goats milk. Straight is a combination of meat, organ and ground bone. Their organ content seems to be a bit high (30%) but they are including heart in addition to liver and kidney as an organ source. The goats milk has this listed for ingredients: Raw goat’s milk with added cultures (Lactococcus lactis and Leuconostoc mesenteroides),honey, and organic cinnamon.

Detailed includes other ingredients in addition to meat, organ and bone, like eggs, vegetables, kombucha, fish oil, montmorillonite and other trace minerals.

I have started feeding half raw, half kibble because I was unsure as to whether they were getting everything they needed when I was doing full raw. My little dachshund however now refuses to eat kibble. She is small enough that even feeding premade wouldn't be an issue. But I don't see how both of the answers formulas can be considered complete and balanced when the detailed formula clearly has more things added to it. My vet has told me that feeding meat bone organ and fish oil supplements is not a balanced diet that I could feed them long term.

Thoughts on the answers pet food? Does one formula seem better than the other?

Spooky Mulder
Barked: Wed Dec 18, '13 2:13pm PST 
I did a feeding trial (2 months) for them about a year back, and to this day use their raw milk for a variety of things.

For the most part, the actual diets didn't do anything to wow me. The dogs looked good on them, but not better than they did on home prepared raw, and their poops were a lot larger which I thought was strange. Also, Mulder would occasionally get really constipated on it, which I also thought was strange. So basically, good but not "amazing" results, at least not enough to convince me that feeding it over my own stuff had any huge benefits.

THAT SAID, the quality of their stuff actually is really great. They use kombucha and whey in the diets, which ferments the product and supposedly preserves it better than things like citric acid/tocopherols. The quality of meat is pretty excellent for pet feed as well, all hormone and antibiotic free (beef/pork), the beef is grass fed AND finished, and if you're in to humanity ratings... all of the beef is free range, the chickens are cage free.

LOVE the milk, if one of the dog's gets an upset stomach its the first thing I go to. I used it in conjuncture with raw ACV and raw honey to get Ridley over his bout of kennel cough with no meds. I, personally, think its great.

small but mighty
Barked: Thu Dec 19, '13 7:03am PST 
I believe only the detailed blend uses kombucha and whey.

Do you think that both diets are balanced when the detailed includes more ingredients?