Lamb shank bones

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Barked: Mon Dec 16, '13 6:17pm PST 
My one yr old doberman is on BARF diet, and I've just started feeding her whole raw lamb shank, I use to only give her poultry bones such as chicken and turkey as they are softer, and I will feed her lamb and veal meat, but not the bones.
So today first time feeding lamb shank, I was watching her closely as she eats. She manage to get all the meat off the shank and starts to chew on the bone, I let her chew on both end's joint as I figure they are mainly softer bones, but after the joints are gone, she manage to chew a piece down from the mid bone(the hard bit) and swallowed it whole before I could take the bone away as I didn't see or hear her chew on it, she just swallowed it down!
Upon checking what's left, I figure she must have swallowed down a pretty sharp piece(like a splinted piece from the bone) the length of a thumb. She seems fine right now, didn't choke on it. I'm just wondering if the lamb bone will get softer once in the stomach? Because I don't want the sharp piece perforate her intestine.
Guess I'll just stick to poultry bones from now on... She just love to swallow things that she can't chew.....

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