Digestive issues?

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Barked: Wed Nov 27, '13 1:00am PST 
So one of my dogs has been having a runny jelly like mucous in their poo. My dogs are always together and I didnt see who did it. Thankfully it was on the tile. But they eat raw, the last few days chicken quarters. Ideas?

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Was the chicken enhanced?

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Max gets that if he is stressed or has bone that is a bit hard for him to digest or too much fat.

Not much you can do about this unless you know which dog has the problem as far as I know.

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Diarrhea and Mucusy poop, Luna had that for the last week!!I even took her to the vet because she threw up one morning.... The vet didnt give me useful information and he said because there was bone in her poop that her intestines were damaged and there is bacteria growing in her intestines. After further investigating, more dogs in my neighborhood were throwing up and had diarrhea... I think the main cause of Lunas issue could have been too much bone in her diet (which causes the body to produce more mucus to get it out) and also giardia (she ate a bunch of goose poop) the vet gave me tons of medications, which i was pretty opposed to, and also told me i had to go on medi-cal digestive aid food which was full of corn and gluten and grain. What i did insted was did a week of zewi peak lamb formula food, added in a digestive probiotic by welly tails, and also added in some diatomaceous earth. She is doing really well now and has good poos and no diarrhea. poops are also well formed and have no mucus in them. Since the zewi peak ive switched back on to "bison dinner" pattys by carnivora and will continue to feed her that with the probiotic and DE for the next week and see how she does. But Max is right it could be stress and/or too much bone.

hope it clears up soon!

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