Diarrhea gone, now threw up after breakfast...?

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Barked: Tue Nov 26, '13 11:23am PST 
Hey everyone, Luna had really bad diarrhea two days ago, then yesterday a bit of mucusy soft poop, now today well formed poop, but she threw up 30 mins after brekky. She was super active hand happy down at the beach this morning, chomped on a little bit of goose poo on the walk back home, and then wasn't really excited about her food but ate the bison patty but left the turkey neck. then 30mins later threw up all over the couch, but seemed pretty interested in eating it again.

not too sure what to take from this episode, any advice/opinions?
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Barked: Sun Dec 1, '13 9:31am PST 
Hope Luna is feeling better.

When Ginger started raw she did better eating after she went for a walk as her gut needed to concentrate on the new diet. Now she does better eating before she goes on a walk so she is calmer around exciting stuff like dogs. Maybe she ate a little soon after the walk or your nice breakfast was too much on top of that goose poop!

When Max regurgitates soon after a meal I ask him to reeat it. It doesn't smell bad and looks just like it did when it went in and he will eat it. 30 minutes is a longer time for the gut to decide the food isn't sitting right but an occasional redo will happen. Ginger hasn't had a real redo yet but she has decided while the meat is half way down her throat that it really needs a bit more chomping and she brings it back up to her teeth and does so.

A turkey neck seems the perfect item to go down easy but need more thoughtful chomping. Patties can be actually dangerous, a dogster died after a chunk of ground stuff couldn't be pushed down and obviously couldn't be pulled out. I break up patties to feed and mush up with water or push them around the edges of the dish so they need to be taken in with many bites.


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Thanks ginger for all the information! I will take extra caution when preparing the food and I will also start adding in the turkey necks. Do you know what else to feed on days that I feed luna turkey necks? Ive heard tripe or lamb is a good combo.

Hope all is well and happy December!