Can I feed mainly raw chicken?

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Turbo the- Stranger Lover
Barked: Mon Nov 11, '13 10:54am PST 
Well I started my dog off on his prey model diet about two months ago and I've rotated around three different proteins; chicken, beef, and pork.
However, I encountered some problems during the process. One, both pork and beef are a bit more costly than chicken, especially beef. Two, my dog will not eat pork (I have given him pork neckbones and he still hesitated to eat it). I do give him his organs, he's had chicken liver and beef liver. Soon, I am going to an ethnic market for exotic organs for him.

I was wondering if I could just feed him raw chicken and occasionally give him beef/pork/other proteins?

I hope some of you can understand, I'm 18 with no consistent job I'm just trying the best for my dog. Suggestions for cheaper alternatives would be well appreciated.

PS. I do not have a large enough freezer to buy in bulk from butcher shops.silenced

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Barked: Mon Nov 11, '13 3:06pm PST 
If you can swing half bony chicken and half boneless pork and beef you are fine but all bony chicken isn't a good idea. Too high in bone [you could cut half of it out of course] but worse a poor omega 3:6 ratio and not enough of the big three micro minerals, iron/zinc/copper and feeding more liver wouldn't help.

There is no problem just giving chicken for bone if you prefer. There is no special virtue to beef/pork/lamb bone itself.