Dehydrated Liver

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We have had our dogs on a raw diet for almost three years now, but our Shiba seems to have an issue with one huge part of it: the liver. She refuses to eat it. We have tried everything from searing it to serving it cooler than normal and all the temperatures in between. The ONLY way we have found she will eat liver is when it is treats.

So here is my question(s):

Is dehydrated liver (in an actual dehydrator if that makes a difference) an acceptable alternative for my girl?

If so, would I just dehydrate her normal amount and call it good? Or would I need to actually double the amount she gets because of the shrinkage of the meat?

Anyone have any idea on this?

Thank you for your time.

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Go ahead and offer it dehydrated. It cannot be quite as good but the minerals are just fine anyway. Weigh it wet then dry to figure how much water is lost and feed the equivalent, not the same ounces. When I did this for treats 1 ounce raw went to .6 ounce dehydrated for instance.


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Thank you very much! We know liver is essential in the raw diet and we just wanted to make sure that giving it to her dehydrated was acceptable. Stubborn Shiba...
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