Still with the runny stools

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So after thinking about it for about a year, and doing tons to research, watching videos of how other raw feeders operate, and even talking to people who feed raw, I decided to take the plunge with my 1 year old pitbull. As a pup her diet was frequently supplemented with raw meaty bones, with never any digestive upset as it was a semi-regular event. My new housemates however are extremely against the idea so it was a habit I dropped until I decided to go headfirst into raw feeding.

Annnd I'm met with diarrhea. Or I think "runny stools" would be better as it's not "true" diarrhea as I understand.

The ONLY things she has been eating since Tuesday (it is now Saturday) are:
Chicken quarters
Chicken thighs
Chicken wings
1 tbs of fresh pumpkin one day

NO organ meat, no red meats, just plain chicken with high bone content I even have cut off the skin and fat off of each piece to reduce the chance of upset stomach. She keeps it down all right, and gets a meal around 4 PM and then is up all night with very loose stools. Not watery, but "pudding plops", no shape to them at all.

Super gross but I've searched all over the net and haven't had a situation quite like mine and want to be specific because none of the answers I've read so far seemed relevant to my situation.

I don't think it's worms. She had intestinal worms when we adopted her, so I am familiar with the symptoms and was recently wormed as a routine preventative measure, not dragging or licking her bum, no worms in her stool either although they are sometimes mucousy. No bloated stomach, no change in behavior, no fever, no lack of energy, still has a high food drive.

The other day I gave her a bit on pumpkin and she had one stool that looked much better that day, as well as two runny ones a little later.

Last night I had to get up 3 times to let her out, from midnight to 5 AM. Today she got fed earlier so hopefully that can be avoided, but she did go twice when we went out and twice a few hours ago. She does whine to be let out so it's not uncontrollable, but obviously urgent. She'll be fine one second and then the next "Oh hey I REALLY need to go to the bathroom!"

Further info: she was on Orijen (mostly the six fish and regional red, I like to rotate and add variety) and doing well on that in terms of poop. I made this decision to go raw because while Orijen is the best kibble I have available to me, I do believe I was doing what's best in the interest of her health. I'm strongly considering fasting her tomorrow and going back to kibble on Monday, as I don't know what I'd do if she was needing to go to the bathroom while I am at work and she is in her crate, as well as she can't be comfortable if she she stools like this so frequently.

I know there's the "two week" rule and all but I want to know if I should be seeing ANY improvement at this point? I feel that I should be.

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Sorry to hear about the runny poops! No fun at all.

I am totally into raw feeding and think grains and veggies have no place in a dog's diet. HOWEVER...a few weeks ago, my raw-fed Boxer had food-poisoning or something, and we were up all night with his diarrhea and vomiting. He was better the next day, but the diarrhea just wouldn't quit. After a couple days, I fed him a meal of plain brown rice and pumpkin. Boom, his diarrhea was gone. The rice comes out exactly as it went in, but it seems to do a good job of firming things up.

Just something to consider.

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I should also mention that Cooper had runny stools for the first couple months of raw feeding, although never "urgent" like what you describe. I just ignored them and kept on, and his poops have gotten nice and firm since then.

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