Blockage in small intestine... vet blames the meat... of course!

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Barked: Fri Nov 8, '13 12:00pm PST 
Hi there!

I've been feeding raw for quite awhile and haven't had any major problems arise and hopefully won't. However, my dog had a blockage between the stomach and small intestine which required surgery two days ago. The blockage was a piece of rawhide and following it was a piece of undigested meat. My vet made a huge ordeal about how awful it was when she removed it, that it was decaying inside his body, and extremely toxic. That meat was blocked by the rawhide.

I'm just wondering... wouldn't a similar scenario have played out even if it had been kibble? It still would have been blocked and it still would have been undigested and disgusting!

What are anyone's opinions on this? I'll still continue to feed raw, but I guess I just need a little reassurance that I didn't harm him (more) because of feeding raw instead of kibble where it applies to this situation.

THANKS! smile

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So the vet was all upset about the meat, but not the rawhide, which appears to have been the obvious culprit? that's strange.thinking

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What Twister saidshrug


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I'm not fond of rawhide closest thing Saya eats is pig skin off pork shoulder roasts, pork head or pig feet.. I used to give raw hides to my last three and it was nuts we learned our lesson.. Dog always fighting over the dumb things and choking on them because they would swallow it chewed up and wet, but still not small enough to swallow.

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Sounds like another indictment of rawhide I don't allow my dogs to have it for fear they will swallow a big piece and get a blockage. I would think that anything on the other side of the blockage would be nasty.
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I'm a veterinary technician and I feed my dogs RMBs as treats and the vets I work with frown upon it. I use to feed full time raw but things got a little tough on the hubby and I.. But when I used to feed raw never had a problem with it. Dogs are descendants from wolves so why shouldn't they eat raw? I have no idea why vets don't like pets eating raw but I think they should become more educational on the subject instead of basing their opinions on what they were trained to say and do. The rawhide is the most obvious culprit. These chewies tend to expand in the stomach and when that happens it causes blockages. Rawhides also doesn't digest at all. It gets swallowed whole and comes out whole kinda like corn does lol. But I think the vet just wanted to make you feel like crap because they don't agree with the raw feeding.

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