Question on Fasting a Small Dog

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Hi everyone! I am a one year old 3lb yorkie and have been eating a raw diet for almost a month. I have only been living with my mom and dad for almost 3 months. They rescued me from a lady that had over 60 of us little yorkies and couldn't afford us so was feeding us bird seed. I was severely malnourished, had worms, coccidia, mites, lice, my mouth was infected and both of my ears. I am all better now and have actually put on a few ounces since coming to live with my family that thinks I'm the world.

My mommy is worried about the fast day because she has read that tiny girls like me can get hypoglycemia if we don't eat. Do you all have suggestions that will help her take the best care of me she can?

Thank you everyone and I just wanted to say that I HATE processed dog food and am so glad that mommy likes the raw diet because I love it!!

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Fasting isn't a requirement with raw feeding. Some people fast once a week or so, some feed a lighter meal in lieu of fasting, but many don't fast at all.

I would not fast a 3 lb dog. As you've said, hypoglycemia is a risk when a dog that small doesn't eat often enough. I would be inclined to go the other way and feed twice a day, every day.

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Oh good!! I feed better now about having never fasted. smile


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I have an Italian greyhound and he has acid reflux that instead of treating with drugs(which didn't work anyway we tried) I feed him every 6 hours and he eats raw. He has never been fasted. He has been eating raw for a year now and he use to get sick at least once a month before he ate raw, now he only goes to the vet once a year for a check up.

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Yes, when Daisy was little she got hypoglycemic too and that was very scary. I have been feeding raw for about a year and a half now and never fast with my tiny dogs (I also don't have any big ones, haha). Despite their meals being raw, I still feed them at about the same time every day, and they are otherwise treated the same as if they were on any other diet.

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I don't fast Brody. He weighs 5 pounds. Sometimes he chooses to fast himself. laugh out loud He has 15 minutes to eat twice a day. If he eats, fine. If he doesn't that's OK - we just throw it back into the fridge and he can have it next time it is time to eat. That is because he is a picky eater and we coddled him and played into his pickiness and created a monster. shrug

So we have learned. And so has he. He gets offered a balanced raw diet twice a day. He can choose to eat it or not. If he doesn't eat, nothing but water (absolutely no treats or extras) until it is time to eat again. This has cured his pickiness by about 95%.

I also vary mealtimes. Sometimes by a couple of hours. This keeps the 'omg its time to eat' mentality from developing. Where dogs know its mealtime and they sit and stare. Waiting for food. eek This also creates bile vomits as they anticipate food and if its not there at the right time, their stomach produces acid and they vomit foam. Feeding at random times prevents that.

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Why are dogs fasted on this diet?

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Dogs on the raw diet are fasted because it allows their digestive system to work as it would in the wild.

Wolves in the wild would not eat every day. They would eat whatever was available at the time.

Nor would a wolf eat the same amount or same kind of meat every day. Again, they would eat whatever that they could find.

I would strongly advise against fasting a small dog, particularly one that small.

As you already know, a small dog can get low blood sugar if they do not eat.

Fasting is not required in the raw diet. It is strictly a matter of personal preference whether you fast or not.

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I haven't ever fasted 38 pound Max either. I do feed him big/small sometimes but you start out by feeding a tiny bit more and less and move on as the dog allows. I wanted to do that so I could offer him something really big and know he wouldn't eat until he burst. I look for no more gas or other signs of discomfort than usual and good quality poop showing that the hindgut digest and absorb nutrients well.

We are picking up a large number of whole prey chickens this afternoon and I need to get on this with Ginger. It won't be easy when she gets a measly 5 ounces of food a day as it is and currently is fed twice a day. They will be fresh killed so I have a couple of months to work on it while they get the cold treatment.

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Thank you all for your comments. I feel much better now knowing that I'm not doing harm to my baby by not fasting her. relieved It just really had me freaked out because I don't even want to deal with hypoglycemia!! Piper has done very well on the raw diet and right now I am feeding her Darwin's Natural. I try to keep her at about .7 oz but sometimes she just acts like she's still hungry and I give her a little bit more. I keep a very close eye on her weight because I don't want a fat little sausage!! wink