Pork Neck for small-ish dog?

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Barked: Wed Oct 2, '13 1:57am PST 
I'm planning to start Silly on a raw diet Thursday (pay day), one of my local markets is having a sale on pork necks. Would pork necks be safe for her (10.5 lbs, about 2 years old)? Will she be able to eat the bone or should it be taken away once she's eaten all the meat off of it and have her bone needs supplemented with one of the other bone in meats?

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Barked: Wed Oct 2, '13 5:13pm PST 
I count on 38 pound Max to clean the soft stuff and eat part of the spine bone and then throw away about 1/2 the weight in vertebral bone. They make great hard to eat meals but will cost more because a lot of bone is thrown away.

One time I did dissect the thing into individual vertebra. It is possible but not really worth it. Slippery meat, sharp knife, inexperience at cutting these particular joints apart - rather not do it again! Max still didn't eat it all if I am remembering correctly, that was a long time ago.

A whole ~one pound pork neck bone would contain enough bone for Max for a week and your little dog for several weeks, you don't want him to eat all that bone at one time. I guess if you like you could pick it up and offer again every few days along with boneless meat and organ if he is really enthusiastic about the neck. Max is spoiled and won't chew on already chewed bones!

I would not give Max or 18 pound Ginger the cut up bits put on trays and wrapped up. They could take them into their mouth so they crunch rather than tear and nibble and could be a choking hazard and the cut edges are very sharp.