What do you pay?

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Barked: Sun Jul 28, '13 6:00am PST 
I know it varies depending on where you are, but I'd like to get an average/guesstimate.

I've fed raw before, but to be honest I just could not for the life of me find ANYTHING other than chicken and chicken quarters. So I switched back to high quality kibble because I felt I wasn't balancing everything right and i was probably doing more harm than good.

I've been nosing around on my local classifieds website and found:

-whole California meat rabbits for $10-$15 each.
-whole New Zealand meat rabbits for $5-$10 each. 6 weeks old to 2 years old. Depending on the ad.

-whole meat chickens for $4-$10. Depending on the ad.
-whole turkeys for $10

-whole or half goats and sheep for $40-$150. Including adults and kids.

I was just curious as to if these are higher priced or lower priced compared to others experiences. Like I said, all I ever fed was chicken, but if these are decently priced and can get my hands on another large freezer.. I might start up with raw again. After more research of course! happy dance

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Barked: Mon Jul 29, '13 7:01am PST 
I budget myself to under $2/lb. The only things I will splurge on are stuff off Hare-Today.

All of our chicken was bought in bulk on sales, ranging from 0.39/lb to 0.99/lb. Pork was only bought on sales, between 1.50-1.99/lb. Beef was rarely bought, only when it was on sale for 1.99/lb.

Organs were bought between 1.00/lb and 1.75/lb, and including hearts, liver and kidney.

We had a local co-op that ordered monthly, and we would get 30-lb cases from them for decent prices. Raw green tripe was 1.25/lb, ground venison/bone was 1.65/lb, and ground beef was 1.45/lb.

In the fall, I make arrangements with hunters off craigslist, and get as much free stuff as I can. Two years back, I received three whole carcasses plus extra meat, and fed my dogs for free for over 2 months.

A few years ago, I spoke with a local meat processor (when I lived in NY) and he'd give me 40 pounds of free meat, organ and scrap every couple of months.

The key component to keeping the diet reasonable is to get as many sources as you can, so that when you can no longer rely on one, there are others to fall back on. When you start out, it's never cheap, but down the line, persistence pays off. On average, excluding free stuff which happened at random, I'd spend an average of 1.25/lb on raw (for our 70 pounds of dog, that's $52/month). Our core item was chicken quarters, because they were cheap and easy, but the variety of other stuff I could find balanced everything out.

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Barked: Tue Jul 30, '13 8:32pm PST 
I found a local butcher shop that makes his own RAW prepackaged dog food and he sells it for .95 a lb. Plus he is cheap on hearts, tongues, chicken backs and necks. I have talked to a couple of people who show dogs and all they feed are chicken backs and necks and their dogs win.


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I can get assorted whole prey for $2 a pound. Usually there are big rabbits in there so that would be $20 a rabbit. Max won't eat the skin and skin is really heavy so there is a lot wasted however.

I can get all meat/bone/organ grinds for ~$2 a pound too. Not exotic protein unfortunately but good stuff.

The rest comes from the grocery store and comes to about $1.25 a pound for pork, beef and chicken as fed at about half chicken and half pork/beef.

Your deals are really nice.

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Maxwell, I watch the local grocery store ads for chicken also. Last week I got 10 lb. bags of chicken leg quarters for $6.90 a bag or .69 a pound and I had to reread the bag and make sure that it wasn't turkey considering the huge size of the legs and thighs. I actually had to add ground beef to one piece of chicken to keep Zeus' meals at a pound. I am now adding ground venison to the chicken seeing how I hunt and always have some in the freezer. If he can handle the venison then I have several people willing to take a doe this season for him.

If your grocery store has a reduced meat section check that out. Sometimes you get lucky.