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Sardine bones

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I'm a 50-pound- lapdog :)
Barked: Fri Jul 26, '13 11:27pm PST 
Do you guys count the bones in sardines or just count it as 100% muscle meat?
Crash- Dynamite

Live up to your- Name!
Barked: Sat Jul 27, '13 12:07am PST 
I never really thought about it. I just toss Crash a frozen "fish pop" every once in a while as a treat. shrug
Ember FDX

Go Go Devil- Bunnies!
Barked: Sat Jul 27, '13 10:27am PST 
I do. Especially if you're feeding whole sardines - the heads will provide a lot of bone.

Usually I'll use them as light bone content with a chunk of meaty meat, after a day with a bigger RMB and higher bone content. My dogs have never done well with no-bone days. That way they get their O3's spread out more too, as opposed to entire meals of fish.

It's not as much bone in canned fish, since they're lacking heads, but it's not nothing either.

As a here-and-there addition, I wouldn't think much of it either way, but if you're feeding them on a regular basis I would factor it in.


I'm a 50-pound- lapdog :)
Barked: Sun Jul 28, '13 3:04pm PST 
I try feeding Snickers sardines at least twice a week. I use both canned and whole sardines. I might try counting the bones in the whole sardines only.