Which bones are best for chewing?

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I have a 11 month old Australian Shepherd! He's smallish for an Aussie only 30 lbs. I want to start giving him raw bones to chew so his teeth stay clean, plus he just loves to chew. Currently he chews Nyla bones or deer antlers. Are raw bones better than those for chewing? My main question though is what exact bones should I get for him to chew? Like what are the appropriate cuts/sizes of bones to get for his size?

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I have a mixed breed a little bigger than your dog and she is a huge chewer too. I give her raw spareribs and raw marrow bones (I usually scoop out 1/2 the marrow because it is very rich and can cause loose stools). Marrow bones can be found in various sizes. And if you have a butcher nearby they will cut them to the size you want (maybe 2-3").

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My grocery store sells leg bones cut into 3 - 5 inch pieces. I also get hip bones from the farmer's market. I get them to cut the hip bone in half. If you read enough about prey-model, you'll see ppl discourage weight-bearing bones because the can crack your dogs teeth. Luckily, my dawg isn't a hard chewer. She cleans off remaining meat and marrow and gives up on the bone.


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Max pulls the soft stuff off and eats some bone. I don't like him to chew on something as hard as bone unless he is working to get something off.

If you have an ethnic market nearby see if there is a meat counter and get whole pork neck bones or whole pig feet. Both are a lot of fun to figure out how to get the good stuff off.

From my local market my favorite bony meat is BBQ beef rigs, the ones cut from rib roast.

Pork or lamb shanks are good too.

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If you think about the logistics and mechanics of the chewing, neither the nylabone nor the antlers will cover large parts of the teeth or up to the gums, so I'd say they're good to pass the time, but not for dental hygiene. There needs to be a degree of softness for the meat/bone to reach all the teeth all over yknow? I notice with my own dog when she chews her antler it makes no difference to her teeth, but after chewing on a chicken leg or pork ribs her teeth will be white and sparkly.

Any kind of bone is good really, but as a previous poster said, be wary of weight-bearing bones from heavy animals (any animal heavier than my dog is my limit - chicken and rabbit's fine) - they're the hollow, marrow-filled ones. The knobby ends are cartilage and good for chewing, but the actual bone is hard as hell, and will damage teeth if the dog gnaws too much at it. Lots of dogs will just eat the marrow out though, and then you can re-use the bone and stuff it like a kong. Recycling! rainbow
Teeth are also really hard so be careful with chewing on skulls.

Also, the younger the animal, the softer the bone. My dog can fairly easily chew weight-bearing bones from a lamb, but I wouldn't give her the same bones from a grown sheep.

I've also heard - this is entirely anecdotal, mind - that the nylabone is as hard as a weight-bearing bone, and has damaged dogs' teeth.